Monday, September 03, 2012

Round 6 Preview

After having a rest day yesterday ( did our men team  attend the famous traditional Bermuda Party :) ? ) , our players should be fresh  for tonight round 6 battle against the young Tunisian team ( average age 26 compare to Malaysia 32 ) . On paper, Malaysia seeded 86th should have the edge against Tunisia - seeded 94th. Another point is Tunisian is playing with the same 4 players for the whole tournament because they didn't bring their reserve. However as proven before, no team should be taken lightly  in this team event.

On board 1 , IM Mok Tze Meng (2354) who has score 2.5 out of  4 GMs so far,  will meet 30 years old -FM Kamel Njili (2357). Mok, with the white piece should have the upper hand in this game.

On board 2, IM Lim Yee Weng is pair against 25 years old - Zoubaeir Amdouni. With Yee Weng experience, i bet he wont lose this game.

On Board 3: Yeoh Li Tian is up against 24 years old CM - Amir Zaibi ( 2214). Li Tian who made his debut in this Olympiad have only scored 1 out of 4 so far but the point he earn is  from the latest round  so it should build  his confident for tonight game. His opponent however will not be an easy one, Amir draw against GM Zybnek Hracek (2619) in round 1!

On Board 4 : NM Lim Zhuo Ren is pair against 27 years old - Mohamed Ali Boudriga (2191). Ali beat Uzbek IM - Djurabek Khamrakulov (2454) in the previous round so LZR should be ready for a tough battle tonight.

My Prediction :  Malaysia win 2.5-1.5 ( 2 points from the top two board and 0.5 points from board 3 or 4)

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