Saturday, September 08, 2012

Can 2012 Istanbul Olympiad be the greatest achievement ever for our men and women team?

Open Section

The men team beat Japan 3-1 last night. Tonight Tomorrow night, they will meet our neighbour - Thailand in the penultimate round. On paper , Malaysia should not have much problem to win against the Siamese because we are superior by average rating but as proven in this team event - anything can happen.

In the overall standings, Malaysia is in 78th place. If we won the final round, we might end somewhere around  34th-77th place  - of course it depends on others team result.

If we compare between ASEAN country, we are 4th behind Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. Surprising Indonesia is now behind us and if both country  win tonight  tomorrow, Indonesia will never overtake  Malaysia because we will have superior match points ( 12 to 11). So what we have to do tonight tomorrow is just win even at the smallest margin 2.5-1.5 and we will probably create history for finishing above Indonesia for the first time in Olympiad history.

Ok here come another interesting fact, in term  of the percentage of total games points,  1986 Dubai Olympiad is our highest achievement with 52.7% result. We can break that record tonight  if we beat Thailand with any score. For e.g. winning 2.5-1.5 would be total game points 23.5 out of 44 = 53.4%!

Women Section

Interestingly our women also had the chance to break their 2006 record (52.6%). After 10 rounds, they are now with 21 game points and they need to beat their last round opponent - Estonia with at least   2.5 - 1.5 score and will  finish with 23.5 game point ( 53.4%).

Our women now is on 52th place in the overall standing. They draw 2-2 against the Philippines last night!

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