Friday, August 24, 2012

World University Chess Championship 2012 - Update after round 7

Below is the performance of Malaysian players after 7 round of the 2012 World University Chess Championship held in Guimaraes, Portugal form 19th-26th August.

Open Section

Ahmad Fadzil Nayan

Asian amateur champion - Fadzil has a solid performance so far. He earned 3.5 points out of 7 (50%). He only lost is against GM Pawel Czarnota in the first round  but after that he draw against two Swiss FMs - Marco Gahler in round 3 and Gabreile Botta in round 6. He also draw against 3 players who is rated higher then him.

Muhd SyazwanZukkifli

Syazwan has a mix result so far. He lost 3, win 2 and draw 2 and collect 3 points (43 %)

Malaysian players at Guimaraes. They look like they don't miss the rendang and ketupat. Photo from official tournament fb

Women Section

Nur Shazwani Zulkafli

Shazwani who had a slow start (  losing her first two rounds  against WGMs) compose herself and collect 3.5 points from 5 rounds (50%) including a win against WFM Amanda Pereira from Brazil.


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