Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Organised by 
 Multimedia University (Melaka campus)
Time: 9.00 AM

Date: 1st& 2nd of September 2012

Venue:      Exam Hall
                        Multimedia University (Melaka Campus)
                        Jalan Ayer Keroh Lama
                        75450 Melaka

Time Control: 45min + No increment – All moves must be recorded.

Registration fee (Non-Refundable):      RM30 per person for early birds
RM40 per person after 24 August 2012


# Participants are required to bring along their Identification Card, Birth Certificate (for contestants under 12 years of age) and Passport (non-Malaysian players) for verification purposes.
# The Organizers has the rights to reject late registration. Contestants will be refunded.
To register:
1.      Bank-in to 04050002313204 (CIMB) under the name CHIN NYUK WEI.

2.      The registration form and a scan-copy of the bank-in slip MUST be emailed to chessMMUmelaka@gmail.com  before 24th August 2012.

3.      Any registrations after 24 August 2012 will be additional charged RM10.

4.      Participants who failed to submit BOTH the bank-in slip and the completed registration form before 10am, 1st of September 2012 aren’t allowed to participate.

Below are some hotels just for references.

1.      Kancil Hotel                                                             
9833, Bukit Baru, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: 606-2843848
Fax: 606-2815894                                                   10 min drive distance to MMU

2.      Atlantic Park Hotel Sdn. Bhd                                
9830, Bukit Baru, 75150 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: 606-2810989
Fax: 606-2815894                                                   10 min drive distance to MMU

3.      Hotel 906                                          
No. 28, Jalan Murni 1, Taman Mas Merah, 75350 Batu Berendam.
Tel: 06-3191906
Fax: 06-3191096
Website : www.hotel906.com                                25 min drive distance to MMU

# The organizer reserve all rights to make amendments except the results of the competition.
# For further enquiries, please refer to the web site or contact number provided below.

Further enquiries:

1.         Poh Pei Hong                        (014-3806693)
2.         Gan Yan Yang                      (017-6514769)
3.         Win SohTian Sheng             (013-6515080)


Champion                                         : RM1000 + Trophy
2nd prize                                             : RM800   + Trophy
3rd prize                                             : RM600   + Trophy
4th prize                                              : RM300   + Trophy
5th prize – 10th prizes                       : RM100   + Medal
Best Female Contestant                   : RM200 + Medal    
Best U-18 (on or after 1993)          : RM200 + Medal
Best U-16 (on or after 1995)          : RM200 + Medal
Best U-12 (on or after 1999)          : RM200 + Medal
Best Institute                                     : RM200 + Medal
* All participants will be given a certificate of participation.

Rules and Regulations
1.      This chess competition is open all age.
2.      The Latest FIDE Chess rules and regulations are applied. Chief Arbiter will conduct briefing if have enquiries.
3.      The organizing committee reserves the rights to accept or reject any entry without explanation. First-come-first-serve basis applies with a limited number of registrations for participation. Refunds will be provided to rejected entrant(s).
4.      Seven rounds FIDE Swiss System will be played by all participants regardless of their results from earlier encounters and the one with the most accumulated points will be declared as the winner.
5.      All participants are required to report 40 minutes before the start of the first round unless prior notification is given to the Chief Arbiter. There will be no refund under such circumstances.
6.      Players’ moves must be recorded. However, if there is fewer than five minutes left on their clock, they are excused from doing so until the game is complete.
7.      The winner of each game holds the duty of passing the signed score sheets with the correct results to the Chief Arbiter. Participants playing White assumes this responsibility if the game is drawn.

8.      The loser of each game is responsible in rearranging the pieces on the dashboard. The participant playing Black holds this responsibility if the game ends in a draw.

9.      The organizer reserves the rights to remove any individuals deemed interfering or acting in an undesirable manner.  All participants are therefore expected to conduct themselves appropriately during the event.

10. The decision of the Director and Chief Arbiter with regards to the tournament is FINAL.

Event Flow (Tentative*)
1st Sept 2012 (Saturday)
09:00am–10:30 am: Registration
10:30am– 11:15 am: Opening Ceremony
11:15am–11:30 am: Short Briefing
11:30am–12:30 pm: Lunch
12:30 pm–02:00 pm: Round 1
02:00 pm–03:30 pm: Round 2
03:30 pm–04:00 pm: Break Time
04:00 pm–05:30 pm: Round 3
05:30 pm–07:00 pm: Round 4

2nd Sept 2012 (Sunday)
09:00 am – 10:30 am: Round 5
10:30am – 12:00 pm: Round 6
12:00 pm– 01:30 pm: Lunch
01:30 pm– 03:00 pm: Round 7
03:30 pm– 04:30 pm: Closing Ceremony

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