Thursday, May 10, 2012

A visit to London Chess Center

Last month yours truly visited the famous  London Chess Center which is the Europe’s biggest chess shop and chess resource. The original location of London Chess Center was at  Euston Road but it has close its doors in  2010 after 18 years due to the termination of the lease on the property. It was relocated at  Baker Street, London. Although the  chess center has moved from its original place, the surrounding of the chess store didn't change much in my opinion.

Being a chess lover, it was my childhood dream  to visit this famous chess shop. I knew this shop since 1992 when i bought my first chess magazine - The British Chess Magazine. The magazine always has an advertisement about this chess shop. During the pre- internet era,  chess information come in form of  chess books and magazines and London Chess Center always has the biggest chess books/magazine/ equipment for sale.

It was an outstanding feeling  when my childhood dream  come true. Nowadays i already have a lot of chess books and latest chess information/theory  which is easily obtain from the internet. Besides of buying chess books, I bought  chess pens, New In Chess Magazines, London Chess Classic 2011 bulletin, chess set and  board which has a London chess center label on it  to remind me that i've been at this famous chess shop :)


Ilham said...

Last month you visit London Chess Center while i am stuck here in Kuala Lumpur..? I hate you!
Pranggg! Crashh! BooM!!! (Throwing dishes...)

Welcome back, Bro! :)

Muhammad Arshad said...

i spend o lot of money here.

GilaChess said...

Me jealous too!