Saturday, November 05, 2011

4th DATCC Team Event - Round 4 Preview

Too Less Ordinary  vs Najib's Rojak Team  

The highlight of the round will be the clash between of this two unbeaten team - Too Less Ordinary (TLO)  against Najib's Rojak Team (NRT). TLO has done what Man City has done in the EPL - trashing big and small team with big score. Albeit seeded no. 1, NRT has still yet to prove their superiority. They have concede 3.5  out of 12 game points compare to  TLO seeded no. 4 who  has  only concede 1.5 points. NRT should field their best line ( IM Mok, Yeoh Li Tian , Sumant and co.) to have a better chance to stop TLO who is on top form. My prediction  TLO powered with two  Pinoys ( Udani and Michael Angelo) will  continue their winning ways so  NRJ, like the next Kardashian husband - best of luck.

Prediction : Too Less Ordinary win 2.5-1.5

Kelantan Chess Team    vs   Seahorse PETRONAS 

Kelantan Chess Team  are one of only three teams unbeaten in the league. They  will face Seahorse PETRONAS. It will be interesting to see Kelantan's first board - IM Mashafizul fare against  his former employer team (PETRONAS) who he recently resign to turn full time professional player. Kelantan seems strong on all 4 board so probably a walk in the park for them but Farhan probably could steal a point or half for Seahorse PETRONAS.

Prediction: Kelantan win 3.5 - 0.5

Nusa Mahkota Chess Club  vs 17 Chess Club
As usual, the clash between to  closed  brothers  can be label as a derby clash. Both team  will once against try to show who will deserved to be called "abang" !?  In the previous meeting, Nusa managed to get the 'abang' title so 17 must be looking forward for a revenge.

Another interesting fact about this derby is some of the players has played for both team before. For e.g. Kamaluddin  played with the 17 team in the 2nd League while Ilhammuddin once play for Nusa in the 1st League.

Prediction: Nusa win 2.5-1.5

PJMIM Chess Team vs    

The focus will be on the first board between two former national player - Ismail Ahmad (PJMIM) against Mohd Saprin Sabri. The 'fatherboard'  Saprin who own a computer shop - carikomputer must show example for his remaining 'sonboards' and this will be a tough job  against former World Police Chess Champion - Ismail Ahmad. The clash on the remaining board ( board 2-4) is quite unpredictable.The 'motherboard' at home must again stay up late to open the door for the 'fatherboard' and 'sonboards' who will definitely arrive home late tomorrow night.

Prediction: Draw 2-2

DATCC Seniors Team vs    Swordfish PETRONAS  

Although seeded no.2 and with line up like  IMs Jimmy and Giam plus strong and experience - Jax Tham,  the seniors  seems to be struggling so far. However they will definitely amend their previous results with a strong show this time. Swordfish should try their best no to lose with big score.

Prediction: DATCC Seniors Team win  3-1

Renegade Chess Team vs BERNAMA Chess team 

BERNAMA has lost three  in a row. Neither has been abhorrent. Neither story invokes sympathy.  Sitting at last place without a single game point, BERNAMA who made a debutant in this league must take this opportunity to regain their confident by scoring  points against  Renegade.  They probably won’t get much against the relatively strong  and experience team.

However 'many' players are looking forward to see this particular  BERNAMA's player in action.

Prediction: Renegade win  3.5-1.5

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