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4th DATCC Team League - Round 2 Review

The 2nd   round of the 4th  DATCC Team League was held last night  at the Dato Arthur Tan Chess Centre, Kompleks Wilayah , Kuala Lumpur. Several players turn up late because heavy traffic in Kuala Lumpur.  Despite it being a weekday, rain and long queues of cars could be seen around many markets in KL as shoppers made last minute purchases for Deepavali.

Round 2

"Taming a handicap seahorse"

1. Seahorse PETRONAS  vs Nusa Mahkota Chess Club   : 1-3

    Board 1:  Ahmad Farhan vs NM Kamal Ariffin : 0.5-0.5
    Board 2: Zul vs Kamaluddin Yusof : 0-1
    Board 3: Alex vs Abdul Aziz Abdul Shukor: 0.5-0.5
    Board 4: Fadzil vs  Rusdi Sidi: 0-1

My team - Nusa Mahkota Chess Club comfortably beat the 'handicap' seahorse Petronas team. We were expecting their top players - Irman Ibrahim, Tun Seri Lanang and Ruzenan will be feature in their line up but found that none of them is in the starting line up.  On board 1, Farhan managed to hold NM Kamal Ariffin to a draw, while on board 2 and 4, Kamaluddin and Rusdi won easily against Zul and Fadzil respectively. In board 3, Aziz Shukor  had the better position but somehow  misplay the position and let Alex  to force a perpectual to split the point. All in all, a good result for NMCC. 

2. Too Less Ordinary (TLO)   vs DATCC Seniors Team : 4-0

    Board 1:Ian Udani  vs IM Jimmy Liew : 1-0
    Board 2: Dr. Zaidan Zulkipli vs Jax Tham  : 1-0
    Board 3: CM Mohd Fadli Zakaria  vs Christopher Lee: 1-0
    Board 4: Ahmad Fadzil Nayan vs Bernard Ng: 1-0

 This is a clash between two strong team. However the result is quite shocking as TLO whitewash ( as mentioned by Jax Tham)  the DATCC seniors team 4 nil. On top board, Jimmy who is in time trouble, blundered a peice  and had to resign immedietly. Dr. Zaidan who was press by Jax Tham in the early part of the game somehow managed to turn the table with a strong attack which force his oppopnent to resign. CM Fadli 'the stonemaster' and Fadzil Nayan didn't have much trouble to score full point.

` Deadly arbiter`

3. Kelantan Chess Team  vs Najib's Rojak Team  : 2-2

    Board 1: IM Mashafizulhelmi vs Cheah Cheok Fung : 1-0
    Board 2: Abdul Haq Mohamed vs Muhd Izz Saifuddin  : 0-1
    Board 3: Abdullah Che Hassan vs NM Yeoh Chin Seng: 1-0
    Board 4: Nik Ahmad Farouqi vs Najib Abdul Wahab: 0-1

Kelantan Chess Team split the points with Najib's Rojak (colek in Kelate) Team.   Kelantan's top horse - IM Mashafizul beat Cheah Cheok Fung on board 1 and Abdullah beat NM Yeoh Chin Seng on board 3. Najib Wahab the team captain for the Rojak Team  made an upset in board 4 when he beat Nik Ahmad Farouqi. This left the encounter on the second board - Abdul Haq (Kelantan) against Izz to decide the outcome of the match. In the end, Haq made a mistake in the endgame and Izz collect the full point to tie the match 2-2.

'another whitewash'

4. Renegade Chess Team vs 17 Chess Club    : 0-4

    Board 1: Haslindah Ruslan  vs Nor Ilhamuddin Shaikh Ali  : 0-1
    Board 2: Bustaman Harun vs Mohd Zambri Mohd Syariff : 0-1
    Board 3: Shamsuddin Sabri vs Salam Maamur : 0-1
    Board 4: Andrew Ooi  vs Syed Abdul Rahman: 0-1
Renegade (left) vs 17 Chess Club

Nor Ilhamuddin Shaikh Ali who did an excellent performance in the first round ( drawing against IM Mashafizul) was nearly  caught with pants down on round 2 when on move 11th he was already on a brink of a defeat. However, his opponent - Haslindah Ruslan failed to push his e-pawn a square further - e2-e4 instead of e2-e3.

After surviving the horrific moment, Ilham play more carefully and cash the full points. For details explanation about this game, read Ilham's blog here.

The rest of the 17's team win to make the score 4-0.

5.  PJMIM Chess Team vs Swordfish PETRONAS    : 2-2

    Board 1:  Ismail Ahmad  vs Ernesto Ramos : 1-0
    Board 2: Varian vs Khairy : 1-0
    Board 3: Kamarulzaman Adam vs Wong Yoke Siong: 0-1
    Board 4: Muhammad Anas Hussaini vs  Abdul Rahman Anuar: 0-1

PJMIM(left) vs Swordfish PETRONAS

World Police Chess Champion - Ismail Ahmad (1st board) and Varian (2nd board)  score full point for the PJMIM team but their 3rd and 4th board lost to made the score 2-2.

"Like father like son" 

6.  vs BERNAMA Chess team : 4-0 
 (BERNAMA's board 2 and 4 both walkover)
    Board 1: Mohd Saprin Sabri vs Ahmad Saifuddin Yasin : 1-0
    Board 2: Amir Qayyim Mohd Saprin vs Mohd Fahmi Mohd Idris : 1-0 (walkover)
    Board 3: Amir Ghaazi Mohd Saprin vs Zainal Abidin Ibrahim : 1-0
    Board 4: Amir Muqqri Mohd Saprin vs Mohd Amran Muhammad : 1-0 (walkover) (left) vs BERNAMA
 Malaysia now has another version of Adam's Family of chess and this time it is Saprin's Family. Saprin an ex- national player now own computer shops at Bangi - The team wore  a nice self-sponsor shirt. ( see photos below)

Saprin 1.0 (father) lead by example by winning on first board. Saprin 2.0 (Amir Qayyim) and Saprin 4.0 (Amir Muqqri) cash full point without dropping a single sweet when their  opponent failed to turn up. On board 3, Saprin 3.0 (Amir Ghaazi) beat Zainal.

Wan Syahrina. Photo from mStar Online.

The most disappointing thing in round 2 is when BERNAMA's Radio DJ  (AM Drivetime 93.9 BERNAMA Radio24)  - Wan Syahrina absentee. There are rumors that quite a number of the players who missed to watch her on action in the 1st round turn up in the 2nd round just to watch the lovely lady!?

Wan Syahrina (right) with one of her 'gaga' fan. Photo from Ng6's blog

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