Tuesday, August 09, 2011


The position shown below is taken from fritz database. There are two types of win. Which one is yours? Draw your plan...

Luth Mikael

If you choose 1.Rc4 congratulations. This is the safest way to win this position and certainly the choice of Mr Houdini. The strategy consist of bringing the Bishop to d5 and try to advance the queen side pawn to b3 to tie down the white's rook. You must also try to exploit the weakness of h4 and the more advanced pawn on e5 to create as many weaknesses in the enemy camp.

The second method to win was the choice of the great Tal which involves an interesting sacrificial idea. 1.RxR when after BxR black goes on to kill the unprotected h4 pawn. The majesty continues his journey to the square g3. From this square,the king will help to attack f3 twice which makes this sacrifice possible and interesting. This is the main difference between the engine and the human brain. Human is full of fantasy and creativity while computers are full of trees and probabilities :) Till we meet again

.... Luth Mikael

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