Monday, August 29, 2011

Ismail Ahmad - Han Shawn Yong

DATMO 2011 concluded last Thursday and GM Li Shilong from China emerged as the new champion .

Below is one of  interesting game occurred in lower board. The game is  between former World Police Champion - Ismail Ahmad vs Han Shawn Yong from Singapore.

Ismail Ahmad (1989) -  Han Shawn Yong (1824)

DATMO 2011, Round 8, 23.8. 2011

1.d4 Nf6 2. Nf3 e6 3. Bf4 c5 4. e3 b6 5. Bd3 Bb7 6. O-O Be7 7. Nc3 O-O 8. a4 d5 9. Ne5 Nc6 10. Nxc6 Bxc6 11. Qf3 c4 12. Bxc4 Qd7 13. Bd3 a6 14. Qh3 b5 15. Be5 h6 16. axb5 axb5 17. f4 b4 18. Ne2 Rxa1 19. Rxa1 Ne4 20. f5 exf5 21. Rf1 Bg5 22. Bf4 g6 23. Bxg5 hxg5 24. Qh6 Qe7 25. Bxe4

fxe4 26. Ng3 Bb5  27. Rf5!

The start of an intersting combo.

27...Ra8  Of course accepting the sacrifice is a blunder 27... gxf5?? 28. Nxf5 f6 29. Qg6+ Kh8 30. Nxe7 And white is thretening mate with Qh6++ . 30... Rf7 31. Qg8# checkmate.

Now come the second combo!

28.Nh5! 28. Rxd5?? is a blunder because after 28...Ra1+ 29. Kf2 Qf6+ 30. Nf5 Rf1+ 31. Kg3 Rxf5  White has no attack and he is simply a piece down.

28... Ra1+ Of course 28... gxh5?? lost to  29. Rxg5+

29. Kf2 Rf1+ 30. Kg3 Qd6+??

The desicive mistake that cause the game . On d6, black's queen lost the option to play ...gxh5 because his queen is being pinned with white queen on h6. Actually black can force a draw with 30... Qc7+! 31. Re5 (31. Kh3??  g4+ 32. Kxg4 gxh5+ now this move is available because black's queen is not being pinned by white's queen on h6 ) 31... gxh5 and white have nothing better then a perpetual with 32. Qxg5+ Kh7 33. Qxh5+ Kg7 34. Qg5+ Kf8 =

31. Re5 Houdini gave 31.Rf4! as the strongest winning move. After 31...gxf4  black is force to give his queen to stop mate on g7 for e.g 32.exf4 gxh5 33.Qxd6 win.

 31... Qf8  32. Qxg5 Qc8? 32...Bc6 protecting the d5 square is the correct move and white is still far from winning.  

33. Rxd5 Qc7+ 34. Nf4 Bd7 35. Rc5 35. Qe7! is stronger. Black's bishop will be capture.

35... Qb6 36. Qe7 Bf5 37. Rd5 Stronger is 37.Rc7 Be6 38.Qe8+ Kh7 39.Nxe6 win.

37...Kg7 38. Rd8 Qa5 39. Qh4 1-0  39. Qf8+! is mate in 4 for e.g. 39... Kf6 40. Rd6+ Be6 41. Rxe6+ Kf5 42. Qxf7+ Kg5 43. Qxg6# checkmate.

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