Monday, July 25, 2011

Chess Puzzle (21) Solution and....secret of Inspirational play!?

Below is the answer for puzzle no. 21 

Mohd Zambri Syarif (KL) vs Azmi Othman (Selangor)
MAKSAK 2011, Round 4, 23.7.2011

White to move

Both player  was in time trouble here and Zambri played   21. Nxh7?!  which is not the best move. His opponent - Azmi made a serious mistake with  21...Kxh7?? . He should have give back some material and block white's light color bishop with 21...Re6 and the game is still far from over. After 21...Kxh7, the game continued with 22.Bg5+ Kg8 23.Bf6 Qg6 and here Zambri nearly spoil the game with 24.Qh6?? which is a big blunder .  The correct move is 24. Qxg6+! Kf8 25. Qh6+ Ke8 26. Ba4+ Rd7 27. Qh8+ Bf8 28. Re1+ Be4 29. dxe4 with all the threat in the world  

After  24.Qh6?? black can actually win the game  with  24...Bxg2!! 25. Kg1 ( also lose is 25. Kxg2 Re2+ 26. Kf3 Qxf6) 25... Bc5+ 26. Kxg2 Re2+ 27. Kh1 Qxf6 and it's black who will have the last laugh. 

Azmi however return the favor by playing 24...Qf8?? and resign after 25.Qxg6+ because  mate next move. 

The strongest move for white after move 20 is 21.Bg7!! and it's mate in 5 (maximum) 

21... Bxg2+  ( if 21... Kxg7 then 22. Qxh7+ Kf6 23. Qh6+ Ng6 24. Nh7+ Ke5 25. Qe3+ Be4 26. d4# mate ) 22. Kxg2 (22. Kg1??  Nf3+ 23. Kxg2 Nxg5 black win ) 22... Kxg7 23. Qxh7+ Kf6 24. Qh6+ Ng6 25. Nh7+ Ke5 26. Qe3# checkmate.

The secret of Zambri's inspirational play !?

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