Monday, June 20, 2011

Nf6 Master - The Wonderkid is still around and....kicking!

It's been quite a while since we see our chess wonder kids - Yeoh Li Tian (photo left) in action. He has not participate in two international tournament - Asian Youth 2011 which was held in Subic,  Philippines last May and he even missed the recently concluded - ASEAN Youth Chess Championship which was held in Tarakan, Indonesia.

However, the 'mystery' has ended last Saturday at  the  2011 Nf6 Master. Yeoh Li Tian join this round robin tournament and bet  Nik Ahmad Farouqi. This shows that he has not lost his chess skills. I'm sure  Nik will be the first to agree with it. 

For his fans who missed him much , enjoy the game below:-

Yeoh Li Tian - Nik Ahmad Farouqi
Nf6 Master, 18.6.2011

Analyzed by Centaur ( Hairulov + Houdini )

1.e4 c5 2. c3 Nf6 3. e5 Nd5 4. d4 cxd4 5. cxd4 d6 6. Nf3 Nc6 7. Bc4 Nb6 8. Bb3 Bg4? Surprisingly Nik fall into this well known trap.

8... dxe5 is the main line and play might continue with  9. d5 Na5

9. Bxf7+ Kxf7 10. Ng5+ Ke8 11. Qxg4 White simply win a pawn and black's defense is severely damage.

11...dxe5 12. Ne6 Qd7 13. dxe5 Nd8? 13... g6 Is the correct move and white have to protect his queen with 14. Qh3 to avoid losing his knight on e6.

15... Rf8 My new 'super friend' - Houdini suggest an interesting  trap  15...Qf5 16. Qxh8+ Kf7 17. O-O Ne6 white's queen is trapped but after the kamikaze 18. Qxa8 Nxa8 Black's still down in material. However,  white will find it hard to coordinate his pieces with black's queen around.

16. Bh6 Ne6 17. Qg4 Nothing wrong if white decide to grab a pawn with 17. Qxh7

17... Rf7 18. Nc3 Qd4 19.Qg8+ Nf8 20. O-O Qxe5 21. Rae1 Qf5? 22. Ne4  Threatening 23.Nd6+ winning the queen

22...Rd8 23. Qh8 Stronger is 23. Ng5! Rf6 24. Bg7! Qxg5 25. Rxe7+!! The sting in the tail. 25... Kxe7 26. Bxf8+ Rfxf8 27. Qxg5+ Winning the queen and the exchange. 

23... Nd5 24. Bxf8 24. Qd4! Threatening Qa4+ followed by Nd6+ forking black's king, quee and rook is also strong. White also threatening to win black's a pawn. 24... a6 25. Qa4+ b5 ( of course 25...Rd7?? is a blunder because 26.Nd6! forking black's king, queen and rook) 26.Qxa6

24... Rxf8 25. Qd4 Rg8 26. Ng3 Qf6 27. Qa4+ Rd7 28. Rd1 Qc6 29. Qh4  29. Qxa7  win a pawn. 

29... Qg6 30. Rfe1 Rg7 31. Qa4 Qc6 32. Qe4 Nf6 33. Qxc6 bxc6 34. Nf5 Rg5 Of course 34... Rxd1? 35. Nxg7+  and black's lost the exchange and the game35... Kf7 36. Rxd1 Kxg7

35. Rxd7 Kxd7 36. Rxe7+ Kd8

Black is two pawn down and has many weak pawns.

 37. Re5 Nd7? 37... Rg4 is more active for e.g 38. Ra5 Rc4 39. g3 Rc1+ 40. Kg2 Rc2

38. Ra5 c5 39. Ne3 Now black's a pawn will drop.

39... Kc7 40. Rxa7+ Kc6 41. Ra6+ Kb5 42. Rd6 Nb6 43. b3 Rg7? 44. a4+ 

44...Nxa4? Black can still keep the knight with 44... Ka5 45. Rc6 Nd7 46. Rc7  although he will find it hard to defense. Kb4 47. Nd5+ Kxb3

45. bxa4+ Kxa4 46. g3 46. f4! faster.

46... Rc7 47. Rf6 Kb3 47... c4 48. Ra6+ Kb5 49. Ra1 and black's pawn will found that it's hard to progress.

48. Rf4 Re7 49. Kg2 Re5 50. h4 Kc3 51. Rf7 h5 52. Rf5 Rxf5 53. Nxf5

The end is near.

 53...Kd3 54. Ne3 Ke4 54... Ke2 55. g4! hxg4 56. h5 The h-pawn queen.

 55. Kh3 55. g4! hxg4 56. h5 Ke5 57. Kg3 win.

55... Kf3 56. g4 hxg4+ 57. Nxg4 1-0 Black know that he will lose after 57. 57... c4 58. Ne5+ Kxf2 58.Nxc4 and white h-pawn queen.

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