Friday, April 08, 2011

News about Larry Parr's dies at USCF Online

Two days ago I received an email from former USCF's  Excutive Director
Al Lawrence regarding the sad news about Larry Parr. I guess he
probably found the news about Larry  from my blog. He then asked me whether
he can get a verification  from someone about the news. I gave him Abdul
Hamid Majid email and they later correspond.

Later, Al Lawerence asked me if I got some photos of Larry and I gladly
send it to him. You can read his article about Larry at USCF Online . There's a photo of Larry at Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Center at the bottom of the article.  NM Yeoh Chin Seng and and his son – Yeoh Li Tian was also in the photo which was shot  during the closing ceremony of the 3rd DATCC Team Event last year.

* USCF = United State Chess Federation

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