Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swindle blues

Sabahan player - Masrin Erowan had a lucky moment when he managed to swindle a losing position against National Junior player - Mark Siew Kit Tze in the recently conclude - National Closed Championship.

Masrin Erowan - Mark Siew Kit Tze
Round 6, National Closed, 18.3.2011

White to move

Below is the important stage in the game. White is threatening to destroy black's defense with fxg6 while black is threatening Nf3+.

 27. fxg6?!  White mixed up the move order. He should have play 27. Qf4 first before playing fxg6. Now black will get white's queen after...

27... Nf3+ Looking at his face during the game, i believe Masrin had commit a mistake.

28. Qxf3 White will simply lost a piece if he choose to move his king  for e.g 28.Kg2 or 28.Kh1 will be answer with 28...Nxd4 so white decide to sac his queen to complicate matters.    

28...Bxf3 29. gxf7+ Kxf7 30. Rxf3+  Black has managed to capture white's queen but the game is far from over. White pieces is all in active position.

30... Kg8 31. Nd5 Masrin told me after the game that he think he had a good compensation here.

31....Kg7?  Actually 31... Kh8  will give black the advantage. Play might continue 32. Rh3 Rcd8! 33.Rxh5+ Kg7 and now white bishop on e3 and knight on d5 is in danger.   32. Nf6 

32...h4?? This is a serious  blunder. 32... Rxe3 giving back some material  or 32... Re7 and the game is still unclear.

33. Rd7+ Now black is clearly lost.

33... Kf8 33... Kg6 is no good for e.g  34. Nxe8 Rxe8 35. Rf6+ Kh5 36. Rh7+ Kg4 37. Rf4+ Kxg5 38. Rfxh4+ Kg6 39. R4h6+ Kf5 40. Rh5+ Ke4 41. Rxa5 win

34. Ng4+ 34.g6 threatening 35.g7++ checkmate is stronger but white is winning anyway.  

34...Kg8 35. Nh6+ Kh8 36. Bd4+ Re5 36... Qe5  cannot change what is in store for  37. Rf8+ Mate attack 37... Rxf8 38. Bxe5+ Rf6 39. Bxf6#

37. Bxe5+ 1-0 Black resign because he will lost the queen and the game after 37. ... Qxe5 38. Nf7+ Kg8 39. Nxe5

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