Thursday, March 03, 2011

Lim Chong Memorial Chess Championship

The late Lim Chong. Photo from


In recognition of Lim Chong  vast contributions to Malaysian chess, the Lim Chong Memorial Chess Championship will be held at the DATCC in Wilayah Kompleks on March 27th. Read the full article at here

I have always admire Lim Chong's  writing  in newspaper and in the net. As written in NST, i found that i had a similiar situation with him. Read the excerpt below:-

"Lim Chong's interest in chess was sparked in the early 1970s after coming across a book written by world champion Alexander Alekhine on his best games at the Klang public library. Realising he could not ever play like Alekhine, Lim Chong made his next best move -- writing about chess in The Malay Mail"

I think i had more or less,  the same situation with him. Realizing that i can't afford  to play competitive chess anymore due to job and family commitment, i decide to share about chess related things trough my blog.  As a tribute to Lim Chong, i have registered to play in the tournament. See you there!

DATE : 27th March 2011 (Sunday)

TIME : 9.00 AM – 7.00 PM  (ROUND 1 AT 9.15AM )


TIME CONTROL : 25 Minutes

VENUE : Dato’ Arthur Tan Chess Centre, Wilayah Kompleks, Kuala Lumpur

Click the full details and entry form here

Source: Abdul Hamid Majid

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