Monday, February 28, 2011

Round 1 Junior vs Senior : 0-3

Junior vs senior : 0-3

Top senior player IM Mashafizul beat  three top juniors players.

Lim Zhou Ren (left) vs IM Mashafizul : 0-1

Lim Zhou Ren vs IM Mashafizul
Round 4, Maverick Rapid, 27.2.2011

White to play

1. Re1 Qh3+ 2. Kg1 Qg3+ 3. Kh1 Qh4+ 4. Kg2 Rdxd7 0-1

Round 5: IM Mashafizul vs Sumant Subramaniam : 1-0

Round 7: IM Mashafizul vs Muhd Syakir Shazmeer (right)  : 1-0

IM Mashafizul Helmi vs Muhd Syakir Shazmeer
Maverick Rapid Round 7, 27.2.2011

1.e4 c5 2. Nf3 a6 3. c4 Nc6 4. d4 cxd4 5. Nxd4 Nf6 6. Nc3 e6 7. Nxc6 dxc6 (7... bxc6 8. e5 Ng8) 8. Qxd8+ Kxd8 9. Bf4 Bb4 10. O-O-O+ Ke7 11. f3 Bxc3?! Syakir decide to  double white's pawn but
I think it was a positional mistake because white seems to dominate the dark square after black lost his dark square bishop.12. Bd6+ Ke8 13. bxc3 b5 Black found it difficult to mobilize his light square bishop. 14. Be2 Nd7 15.Kc2 f6 With the idea of playing Kf7 and mobilize his h8 rook later. 16. a4 Nb6 16... bxa4 17. Ra1 Nb6 18. Rhb1 and white will get back his pawn. 17.Bc7 Nd7 Of course 17... Nxa4?? will blunder the rook after 18. Rd8+ 18.axb5 axb5 19. Ra1 Rxa1 20. Rxa1 White rook dominate the a-file and later penetrate into black defense. 20...bxc4 21. Bxc4 Ke7 22. Ra7 Re8 23. e5 f5 24. Bd6+ Kf7 25. Rc7 25. Bb3 Kg6 (25... c5 26. Ba4 Rd8 27. Bxc5) 26. Ba4 Nb6 27. Bxc6 25... Kg8??  Black missed white's next move...

26. Rxc8 ! Rxc8 27. Bxe6+ Kh8 28. Bxd7 Ra8 29. e6 Black resign because he had to give his only piece to stop white's from queening 1-0

From Hairulov.

Below is Najib Wahab comment about the tournament:-

A total of 108 players participated in the DATCC Maverick Rapid Chess weekender series for 2011 surpassing the number of 92 registered in the Renegade event which was conducted late last month. The number of strong players turning up for the event is seen as a good omen for chess, promising a better and more vibrant future that is soon to come. Led by IM Mas Hafizul, Uzbek Madjidov Jasur and Philippines Ian Udani, this has been one of the strongest weekend event in the recent years influence by the upcoming NAG event, National Closed event and MSS event which are nearing very soon. It was clearly a “sparring” ground for aspiring players gunning for a good showing in the upcoming major events mentioned.

DATCC has been gaining a lot of support since being taken over by a new management earlier this year and the presence of IM Mas Hafizul in this weekend event are additional contributing factors that has made this event a huge success. Riding on the success of Renegade which pulled 92 players, Maverick event with 108 players is the single largest event conducted by DATCC since the center started. The biggest crowd for DATCC was 119 players back in January when Stonemaster did its “1 Malaysia” event.

DATCC would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to all the players (especially to IM Mas), supporters, bloggers, writers, parents, teachers, officials (especially IM/IA Giam Choo Kwee) for all the support and assistance that ALL OF YOU have given in making this event a huge success. Thank you everyone.

The next weekender series is planned for May 2011 – be on the lookout for our next successful outing!

Thanks again everyone!!!

From Najib Wahab

Final Results
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Raymond Siew said...

I think our Juniors are brave. Even with the difference in elo, they fought. Give them one or two years in a tough local environment and we may see different results. So what is your point Hairulov? That they are not as strong as Mas? I thought that is obvious. But they will learn from this fight. They fought. That is what matters.

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for our comment.

Recently I believe you come out with the ideas of junior and senior which I personally think is a valid and healthy argument.

To compare the junior and senior , I think the best and simple way is by showing results of their encounter. Incidentally Maverick , with Mashafizul playing happen to be the first opportunity for the Juniors to play against the senior. That’s why I label it as round 1.

Note:- I categorized seniors as Malaysia’s National and ex-national players ( who still active ) above 20 years while juniors is player below 20 ( who has play for Malaysia in age groups or other international tournaments)

Actually I am indirectly rooting for the juniors. The evidence is my post “how to beat IM Mashafizul for dummies” which I post before Maverick. I hope it would be a good source for juniors and ‘dummies’ and actually for all of us to study Mashafizul’s style of play. It contain lots of Mashafizul’s games which annotated by me ( of course with the help of Rybka and Fritz). It is not a world class annotations but don’t forget – it’s FREE!

I think the coming national closed will be a good choice for “Round 2” because another senior– IM Jimmy Liew has confirmed to play . Let’s see how he fair against the juniors.

I praise Jimmy for his effort to make a “comeback’ in National Closed. He will be the ‘seniors’ to beat. Hopefully we can see others seniors like IM Mok Tze Meng, FM Lim Yee Weng and co. making a ‘comeback’ or ‘occasional’ visit in local tourney!?

I wish both seniors and juniors - good games.

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Typo- Thanks for your comment

Raymond Siew said...

Thank you for the clarification Hairulov. I think with the seniors back the juniors can only improve. My hope is that they will now do better in International competition when they play for Malaysia. The tougher we make it for them here, the more prepared they will be when they go out.

Realistically they can narrow the gap.

I hope the juniors will fight hard at National Close too. It is good the seniors are back. I look forward to a good fight.

Btw, the idea for junior vs senior was not from me but from Greg. I just promoted the idea.

Raymond Siew said...

An idea. Maybe you can do something on Jimmy's games like what you did for Mas. Let the juniors begin to learn how to fight strong players.

Slight clarification. Greg's idea was mamak vs juniors. He spoke to Saprin and then told me about it.