Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Kids On The Blog!

The title of this post is not accurate. I try to use the name of the famous boy band  in the 90's -  New Kids On The Block (NKID) which create  sensation in the 90's. Kind of  The Beatles  in the 60's.

Actually this post is about  a new chess blog titled The Chess Connections  who  made it maiden appearance in blog world last Tuesday.
Najib (Standing in the center) in his element.

The author of the blog is Najib Abdul Wahab. He is not a 'kid' in local chess community. He is an experienced chess event organizer, arbiter and  chess player. He now runs the famous Dato Athur Tan Chess Centre (DATCC) in Kuala Lumpur.

About 20 years  back which is when I start following local chess development, I noticed that Najib  is already there. If I'm not mistaken, in 1995 he and a few chess enthusiast  produce the first local chess magazine called - Majalah Catur. Najib writes a couple of  articles in the magazine.

Comparing my gray hairs with Najib, I can safely estimated that he has involved in local chess development for at least 30 years although Najib can claimed that he has a slightly younger wife then me :)

So far he has post three articles in his blog and two is about the selection process. I highly recommend his blog to chess lovers especially local chess community.

Highly Recommended!


SomeDaysLikeThese said...

Thanks Hairul... for the colorful description. I am just doing my bit to help chess in Malaysia. FYI, I started a chess company in 1990 using the name "The Chess Connections" hence the reason for the name of my blog.

Glad that you enjoyed my writing and have recommended it highly to the chess community! I thank you for your generous support!

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Welcome Najib.