Monday, February 07, 2011



Date : Saturday 12th. Feb 2011(Stage1)

Time : 9am – 1pm

Place : DATCC, 4th. Floor, Wilayah Complex,
Jalan Dang Wangi, K.L.

Fees : RM80 for all 4 stages.
(not 4 x RM80)-
(Pay on tournament day)

Participant: Form 5 and below (4 – 16 years old)

By SMS name , age and name of tournament to
(Insofar Chess Academy)

PRIZES (at FINAL Stage)20 Prizes, all get prizes

Champion - RM500
2nd - RM300
3rd. - RM250
4th - RM200
5th - RM150
6th-10th - RM120 x 5
11th-20th - RM100 x 10

Stage 1 (Preliminaries Stage) Sat 12 Feb 2011

- more than 40 players.
- 40 players get Bronze Medals
& qualified for Quarter Final
- non-qualifiers get RM60
& certificate of Participation

Stage 2 (Quarter Final) Sun 6 Mac 2011

- 40 players
- 30 players get Silver Medal
& qualified for Semi Final
- 10 non qualifiers get RM40

Stage 3 (Semi Final)Sat 9 April 2011

- 30 players
- 20 players qualified for Final-
& Certificate of Achievement (Final)
- 10 non-qualifiers get RM20

Stage 4 (Final) May 2011

- 20 players
- All will get Gold Medals
& Cash Prizes (Total RM3,000)


For Winners

Stage Prize Players
Preliminaries Bronze Medals 40
Quarter Final Silver Medals 30
Semi Final Cert of Achievement 20
Final Gold Medal +RM3,000 (total) 20

For Non- Qualifiers

Stage Prize Players
Preliminaries RM60
+Cert. Of Participatn. 20
Quarter Final RM40 10
Semi Final RM20 10

# Those who qualify for ANY STAGE but cannot play on the dates given, will automatically qualify for THAT STAGE in the next series of Prestige Tournament.

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