Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Post - Singapore - Malaysia 2011

As we all know, our Malaysian team won the annual Singapore-Malaysia match held recently. The victory is so meaningful to us because we last won it about 10 year ago. However, what many people didn't know is  there was one hot argument occur between one of accompanying parent of a Malaysian player  with MCF officials right after our team has just won the match. I witness the argument but prefer not to reveal the person involve and what the argument is. However, i would like to share an sms from a parent involve which was forward to me :-

Dear chess parents,

I'm sincerely apologize for my words and reaction during the Singapore vs Malaysia post mortem meetings. I have no personal agenda. Only God knows my current situation. Maybe i had made the wrong statement at wrong time and place, i hope, everyone will forgive me. My son is not good in chess and he needs everyone support and guidance for his success. I'm sorry, this is from my bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Friend, i forgive you. I personally didn't agree with the way you express your opinion that day. However, I know you have a very strong heart for Malaysian chess. This show when you help me to put on the banner of the Singapore-Malaysia match at the tournament venue before the match start.

I hope others will forgive you too.

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