Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The New Management of DATCC...

This e-mail was sent to me on 31st December 2010 by Najib Wahab but i missed it and only noticed it recently - Hairulov

Come 1st January 2011, the management of DATCC will changeover with a new person at the helm to further expand the center to a new height. After more than 2 months of discussion, Najib Wahab is set to take over the management of DATCC from Hamid Majid who has been managing the center for the last 3 years.

Whilst most part of the center will remain as it is now, slight changes will be made to the center to accommodate a small area for training and knowledge sharing area where patrons are able to browse through some of the chess books, magazines, bulletins, etc. collection that are available for reading. The current "lepak" area will also be relocated to allow for more playing space and a permanent electronic board has also been set for visitors to have a feel of playing on the state of art chess interaction hardware/software.

Although the complete handover date has not been ascertained, during this interim period, both Hamid and Najib will be working together to ensure a smooth transition will take place and that the activities that have been planned (and booked) for the center will continue as usual.

Najib Wahab, who has organized and arbitrate many local events including being part of the 2010 Malaysia Chess Festival, is set to announce and release DATCC calendar of activities for 2011 within the next couple of weeks. According to him, apart from the usual DATCC Weekender Series, there are also plans to continue the KL Team League and forging relationships with other local organizers and Chess Clubs/Associations to organize more events at the center. Najib is also planning to hold small classes (for 10 students per class) to coach and teach players who are of beginners and intermediate levels. Framework and syllabus for the classes are currently being designed to ensure players will learn chess via a more structured and proper way of learning, combining ideas that are being practiced in other parts of the world with his own unique approach. The classes will also includes computer interactions work, homework, exercises and plenty of sparring sessions for the youngster and beginners.

For the first month of January, all the weekends in DATCC has been fully booked by organizers right up to the Chinese New Year weekend marking a very good start for the new year. For those who would like to rent the playing hall for events (including renting the place for other board games like carrom, scrabble, etc), please forward your inquiries to Najib Wahab at +6016 338 2542 or write to him at his email address najib.wahab@chess-malaysia.com. Currently, DATCC is running a special rate of RM250 for a weekend/public holiday rental (including sets and clocks), and RM 150 for a weekday rental. The rate will increase once the center has been fully handed over which is expected to complete before the end of the first quarter.

Be on the lookout for DATCC 2011 Calendar of Activities which is expected to come out within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, the Management of DATCC wishes all Chess players, supporters, fans and ALL MALAYSIANS a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR - May the new year ushers in more success, prosper, wealth and health to all of us!

Salam 1 Malaysia and a Happy New Year!

Najib Abdul Wahab
Program Manager/Coordinator

Tel: +6016 338 2542

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Jimmy Liew said...

Najib, congrats and hope you take DATCC to new heights!

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