Sunday, December 12, 2010

Teh De Zen win gold in ASIAN School Chess Festival !

Teh De Zen at the 2010 Asian School Championship, Sri Lanka.
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Yes it's confirm. Teh De Zen win the gold medal in the  6th Asian School Chess Festival (Under 9-Girls) which conclude today. The tournament was held from 6th till 13th December 2010 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

De Zen win her last round game against host player - Thuduwage to finish with the maximum 9 points out of 9 rounds - She won all her games in this tournament! Her siblings - Teh De Juan finish in 6th place with 6 points in under 9 open category.

With this win, Malaysian youth player once again made us proud this year by producing excellent performance in international tournaments. Last month,  Malaysia emerged as the overall winner in the ASEAN Primary School Sports Olympiad (APSSO) at Jakarta with Yeoh Li Tian winning 6 golds.

It seems that Malaysia have never failed to produce young  talents but in my opinion the main challenge is to maintain their focus when they all grows ups with UPSR, PMR, SPM and university coming. The kids ( and their parent) will of course, for practical reason choose academic then chess. Remember IM Mashafizul, FM Ooi Chern Ee, IM Wong Zi Jing, WIM Siti Zulaikha, FM Anas Nazreen? When they are young, they all shine in international youth tournaments but when study come, they have to make a choice and of course, for any practical Malaysian, they ( and  their parent) will chooce academic and professional career... for sure. This surely affect their chess performance badly while  their fellow counterpart in other countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, China, India and etc...continue to concentrate fully on their chess development.

The main different in countries like Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam,due to the economic situation in their countries,  they can earn more by playing chess professionally  then having a professional career like doctor, engineer , etc.etc..... This is of course, just my humble opinion and observation :)

Congratulation to Teh De Zen, Teh De Juan and their parent. You all have made Malaysian proud.

Malaysia Boleh!


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Raymond Siew said...

Dont you think it's incongruous to say Malaysia Boleh and then say that our kids choose Academia over chess? The question is if we prepare better would we have better results? The question is why cant they become GM even after completing their studies? Have others done it? I think we need to stop looking for excuses so we can wash our hands from responsibility and see what can be done now to improve. Or are you saying that we have done our best already and the kids just dont have it?