Friday, December 31, 2010

Missed Chances in round 1, Singapore - Malaysia 2011

Below is the position arise between Amira and Victoria Chan (Singapore)  in round 1.
Round 1: Amira (left) vs Victoria Chan

Amira Syahmina Zulkafli - Victoria Chan
21st Singapore - Malaysia (Round 1), 31.12.2010

White to move 

1...Ra1 2.Rb7+ Amira missed a strong and winning move - 2.h6+! Kxh6 (2...Kf7 3.Rb7+ Ke8 4.Rxh7) 3.g5+! Kh5 (3...Kg7 4.gxf6+ Kh6) 4.gxf6  2...Kh6 3.Kxf6 Rf1+ 4.Ke5 Rg1 5.Kf4 Rf1+ 6.Ke4 Rg1 7.Rb6+ Kg5 8.Rb5+ Kh6 9.Rxa5 Rxg4+ 10.Kf3 Rh4 11.e4 Rxh5 12.Rxh5+ Kxh5 13.Kf4 ½–½

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