Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's now Malay Championship!

The organizer of the 2010 Malay Open  has informed me that the tournament name has been change to Malay Championship (Kejohanan Melayu) . The tournament is only open to Malay only.

For further details about the tournament, click here

Source: Syazrin Abdul Rahman


Taichi said...

if the chinese/indians were to organize such event for their own race, it would be deemed racists..

the malays must learn to integrate into the society and not live in their own fantasy world where everything is being spoon fed..

what say you?

Syazrin Abd Rahman said...

dlm situasi ini kena fikir adakah sukan dan racist dikaitkan...melainkan kalau kamu membuat provokasi ketika permainan atau mggunakan perkataan racist,itu baru prkauman..bukan kamu join other society saja dah melengkapkan kamu masuk dlm golongan lain..salah tanggapan kamu tu Taichi..contohnya adakah kamu berbahasa english sudah melayakkan kamu sudah masuk society lain..banyak pandangan ni selalunya perkara subjektif..sebab kita sendiri yang mengukurnya..bukan termaktub dalam kitab2..

Taichi said...

Agree with Raymond Siew here. We have had divide and rule under Umno for so many decades. Why want to bring such policy into chess world.

No other country in this world would have any tournaments reserved for a single race only. We dont see any US championship open to whites only. We also dont see India organizing any tournament saying Punjabi are not allowed to participate and so forth..

Enough is enough. Stop mistreatment of your other fellow Malaysians..