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INSOFAR Team Tournament - Round 5 report

The 5th round of 2010 INSOFAR Annual Team tournament was held  on 17th December 2010 at the Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam. The 5th round was actually scheduled  to be held on 10th December but the organizer decide to postponed it because many players planned to play in the Penang International Open.

* Take note that the final round (round 6) have also be changed as below:-

Round 6

Date: 16th January 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 4-5 PM

Venue: DATCC, Wilayah Kompleks, Kuala Lumpur

This team tournament is limited to four teams  - 17 Chess Club (defending champion), Passion and Glory, Nusa Mahkota Chess Club and Passed Pawn.

Tournament Background

This  tournament use  25 minutes rapid time control . The tournament is held every alternate Friday starting from 15th October 2010 and the only the final round will be held on Sunday - 16th January 2011. 

The main attraction for this tournament is the attractive prizes money. Thanks to sponsors - HBM Group of Companies (Shah Alam), Az-Zahrah Private Hospital (Bandar Baru Bangi), Ibsul Holding Sdn Bhd (Shah Alam), the 1st prize is RM 2,000 followed by RM 1,000 for 2nd and RM 600 for the 3rd placing!

Kudos to the organiser Mr.Mat Zaki Yeop from INSOFAR for organizing this tournament.

This tournament apply a unique rules.The team line-up can be change in any round and the players need not be line up according to strength (rating). However the line up must be submitted to the organizer at least 30 minutes before each round.

Round 5 Result (17.12.10)

Passed Pawns vs Nusa Mahkota Chess Club : 1-3

Board 1:  Firdaus vs Shamshol Bahrin Patahol Rahman  :  0-1

Board 2:  Ismail Ahmad vs Rizal Ahmad Kamal : 0-1

Board 3:  Mohd Saprin Sabri vs Abdul Aziz Shukor : 1-0

Board 4:  Taufik vs  NM Kamal Ariffin : 0-1

17 Chess Club vs Passion and Glory : 1.5 - 2.5

Board 1 : Muhammad Syakir Shazmeer Azhar vs Hanafi : 1-0

Board 2 : Kamaluddin Yusof vs Abdullah Che Hassan : 0.5-0.5

Board 3:  Syed Abdul Rahman vs Nik Ahmad Farouqi : 0-1

Board 4: Abdul Salam Maamur vs Najib Abdul Wahab : 0-1

Standing after round 5 (game points)

1. Nusa Mahkota Chess Club - 11 points

2. Passion and Glory - 11 points

3. 17 Chess Club - 9.5 points

4. Passed Pawn - 8.5 points

Schedule and pairings for the remaining rounds.

Round 6 (16th January 2011)

Passion and Glory vs Nusa Mahkota Chess Club

17 Chess Club vs Passed Pawn

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Source: Mat Zaki Yeop

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