Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hou Yifan win the 2010 Women's World Chess Championship!

Hou Yifan beat her fellow countrywomen - Ruan Lufei last night to win the 2010 Women's World Chess Championship which was held from 2nd-25th December 2010 in Turkey. With this victory, Yifan become the 13th Women World Chess Champion and successfully bring back the crown to her country - China.

The Great Wall country have dominate the women's world  championship since 1991 when Xie Jun become the first Chinese and Asian player to win it. Xie Jun retain the title before losing to Susan Polgar in 1996. Xie Jun however manage regain the title in 2001. China domination continue with Zhu  Chen (2001-2004) but Bulgarian - Antoaneta Stefanova won the title in 2004. The title return back to China after XuYuhua won it in 2004 but once again China have to let go the title after Russian - Alexandria Kosteniuk beat Hou Yifan in the 2008 championship.

Fide President- Kirsan Ilyumzhinov (left) award the Women World Champion trophy to the 13th Women World Champion - Hou Yifan.Photo from official site 

One interesting point is Yifan and former World Champion - Garry Kasparov is both - 13th World Champion. They however have a totally different personality. Gary is well known as a fierce fighter, aggressive and have a temperamental and annoying behavior on and off  the board while Yifan is a soft spoken, shy, polite girl and always travel with her mom.

I wish in the near future, FIDE or any organizer could organize a match between Hou Yifan and the greatest women chess player -  Judit Polgar.  Judith is ranked number 49 in the world on the November 2010 FIDE rating list with an Elo rating of 2686, the only woman on FIDE's Top 100 Players list, and has been ranked as high as eighth (in 2005). She has rarely played in women's tournaments and has never competed for the Women's World Championship.

My friend - Shamshol Bahrin (left) with Hou Yifan during the 2010 KL Open.
With Yifan victory, Asia has conquered both men and women world chess championship. Viswanathan Anand from India won the (men) title this year while Hou Yifan won the women world championship!

Source: Official 2010 Women's World Chess Championship site

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