Sunday, December 05, 2010

Anand afraid of computer cracker?

A German newspaper did an interesting interview with world chess champion - Viswanathan Anand . Unfortunately the interview is in German but did us a favour by translated some of key points in English. They also suggest us to use the google translation but also warn us to be alert on some direct translation for e.g in German, moves (zug) is also called railway!

One interesting point in the interview is Anand doesn't feel secure downloading games from the internet.  Because of that, a guy had to courier a chess database CD from quite a distance (Hamburg to Bad Soden) just to deliver it to Anand.

Is Anand afraid that downloading it on internet will risk him that someone will crack into his computer and found tonnes of  important and valuable opening preparations, novelties ?

Click the full article in German here or use a google translation (English) here

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