Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two from INSOFAR

Below is two interesting position from  round 4, INSOFAR Team Tournament which was held in Shah Alam last night.

Shamsol Bahrin (Nusa Mahkota Chess Club) vs Kamaluddin Yusof (17 Chess Club)
INSOFAR Team Tournament, Round 4, 26.11.2010

Black to move

Sam (left) vs Kamaluddin Yusof @Abg Bro
1... Naxb4! Of course if white decide to take the poison knight with 2. axb4?? it will lead him to grave after 2...Qa4+ and mate is near. 2. Qc4!? Another interesting option is 2. Nf5 Bxf5 3. gxf5  2... Qa4 With hindsight, black can try for more with 2...a5!? although the position is still unclear.  3. Qc8+ now white have a perpetual 3... Be8  Unfortunately for black, other option is not available for e.g. 

(i) 3... Qe8? 4. Qxe8+ Bxe8 5. axb4 and black is down in material.

(ii) 3... Bf8?? will lost to the deadly sac -  4. Rh8+!! Kxh8 5. Ne6+ Kh7 6. Nxg5+! The sting on the tail 6... Kh6 7. Qxf8+ Kxg5 8. Qd8+ Kh6 9. Qh4+ Bh5 10. Qxh5# checkmate! 

 4. Qe6+ Bf7 4...Kf8 5.Qxd6+ 5. Qc8+ Be8 6. Qe6+ Bf7 7. Qc8+ 1/2-1/2 Both players agreed to draw.

Below is another interesting position arise from one of my team mate game - Razali Hamzah against Syed from 17 Chess Club.

Syed (17 Chess Club) - Razali Hamzah @ Ng6 (Nusa Mahkota Chess Club)
INSOFAR Team League, Round 4, 26.11.2010

Black to move

Razali Hamzah @ Ng6 vs Syed (right)

Black is clearly winning. He is a piece up and majority of his pieces is  pointing towards white's king. The only problem is black is in severe time trouble. 1... Qxe4 This is of course, still winning but black's missed a more deadly move - 1... Rxg2+!! which should end the game instantly for e.g after  2. Kxg2 Qxe4+ 3. Kg1 Bxf5 4. Rf2 (The queen can't help for e.g.-  4. Qf2 Qg4+ 5. Qg2 Rg3) 4... Rg3+ 5. Kf1 Bh3 and mate is near . Unfortunately for black, a dozen moves later, he lost on time. 1-0 


Ng6 said...

Time problem, itulah masaalah aku dari dulu lagi, kalau tak dapat gak 1 point, sorry la kawan2

Anonymous said...

No problem Ng6...ko dah cuba..aku pun time-trouble gak masa tuhh..
en.hairul kita, aku pun ada posting gak kat sini : Tense fight

but sorry la bebanyak sebab pinjam ko punya semua gambar masuk dalam web aku.Thanks a lot...

Anonymous said...

Rul, kasi betul sikit nama aku tuh boley ka... Shamsol Bahrin ...

Thx ler kawan ...!