Saturday, November 06, 2010

"Crazy" Chess Blitz...

Below is a blitz game between American young hot shot - GM Ray Robson against fellow American - IM Daniel Rensch at the 2010 SPICE Cup Blitz Championship held on 2 November 2010 at the Texas Tech University in Lubbock, USA . The tournament used 7 round Swiss System format with time control of 5 minute and no increment.

The game went into a time scramble and Robson who is playing white, missed a force mate in 8.The game turn to be a roller coaster when both players exchange blunders and in the end, Robson - a piece up, agreed to draw in a position which is actually winning for white!.

 What both players probably didn't realized is Rensch made illegal (moving twice - 1 minute 12 second on the video) moves in going into the final moment.

Ray Robson - Rensch
SPICE Blitz, 2.11.2010
White to move

White is a piece up for two pawns. 1. Ng6? Rybka give 1.Ra8+! As a force win because white can mate black in 8th move (maximum!) for e.g. 1...Rf8 2. Raa7 Re2+ (2... Rf6 3. Ng6 Re2+ 4. Kf1 Rxf3+ 5. Kxe2 Re3+ 6. Kxe3 d4+ 7. Kf2 d3 8. Rc8# checkmate) 3. Kf1 Rf7 4. Rxf7 Rxe5 5.Rg7+ Kf8 6. Rgc7 Re1+ 7. Kxe1 Ke8 8. Rc8# checkmate) 1... Rf7 Now black is safe from mating attack because he has defend the 7th rank.  2. Ne7+ Kg7 3. Raa7? White can safe his f- pawn by playing 3. f4!?  and black's can take the posion pawn for e.g  3... gxf4 4.Raa7! white is threatening 5.Nf5+ forking the rooks and black's king!  3... Rexf3 Now it's black who has the upperhand. 4. Nc6 Rxc7?  now the opponent is right back in the game 4...Rg3+! 5. Kh2 Rxc7 6. Rxc7+ Kf6 and black's connected passed pawn ( e-d) will be a force to be reckon. 5.Rxc7+ Rf7 6. Rc8 6. Nd8!? would be a nice try but still black can draw with correct moves for e.g 6...Rxc7 7. Nxe6+ Kg6 8. Nxc7 d4 9. Kf3 d3 10. Nd5 d2 11. Ne3 Kf6 12. Kg4 6... Kf6 7. Nd4 Ke5 8. Nf3+ Kf4 9. Rg8 Ke3 10. Nxg5?! 10. Rg6 g4 11. Rxe6+ Kf4 12.Ne5 = 10... Rf2+ 11. Kg1 Ra2?! lose a pawn 12. Nxe6 d4 13. Rf8 Kd3? forfeits the advantage 13... d3 is the correct move 14. Rd8?  14. Rf3+ !Ke4 15. Ng5+ Ke5 16. Rf2  Ra4 17. Nf3+ Ke4 18. Nxh4 win. 14... Ra4?? ruins a very nice position 14... Ke3 save the game. 15. Kf2? White miss to win the rook with 15. Nc5+!and  takes home the point 15... Kc4 16. Nxa4  15... Kc3 16. Nc5 Rc4 17. Ne4+ Kd3 18. Kf3 Rc1 18... Rc6 $18 there is nothing better in the position. 19. Nf2+ Kc3 20. Rc8+ Kd2 21. Rxc1 Kxc1 22. Ke4 Kd2 23. Kxd4 Ke2 24. Ne4 Kf3 25. Ng5+Kg3 At this time ( video 1 minute 12 seconds) Robson is going to move his king on d4 to other square but before he made the move Rensch made an illegal move by playing his king to f4 ( 26... Kf4) but Robson didn't noticed it and both  agreed to draw a few move s later.
White to move

Actually Robson can still win the endgame for e.g  27. Ne4 Kf3 28. Ke5 Kg2 29. Ng5 Kg3 30. Ke4 Kf2
31. Kf4 Kg2 32. Kg4 Kf2 33. Kxh4 and white pawn will march to queen.


mattjs said...
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mattjs said...

Hi, would you be able to post the full scoresheet (or PGN) for this game?


hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Sorry Mattjs, i don't have the full game. I refer the moves from the video.