Thursday, October 21, 2010

World Youth Update from Ismail Ahmad!

Thanks to our  head of the delegation - Ismail Ahmad who clarified to me that the 2010 World Youth Chess Championship's organizer have made a mistake earlier when they list Zainoor Ikmal Mohd Noor in both under 10 (girls) and under 8 (girls) category. The arbiter in charge has corrected the mistake.Zainoor is actually playing in under 8 (girls).

Ismail told me that the organizer used two playing hall. One for the under 18/16 and 14 where the captain is allow to enter the hall and another hall is for under 10 and 8 where even the captain is not allow to enter because the hall is very small.

One interesting point is Ismail  make sure  that the traditional shout Malaysia Boleh! is being shout by the players before each round start!

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