Friday, October 01, 2010

Round 10 Pairing - UPDATE

Round 10 Pairing

Both our men and women team lost their round 9 battle yesterday.

Open Section

Below is the update with board pairing

Bo.86MAS Malaysia (MAS)Rtg-93WLS Wales (WLS)Rtg0 : 0
51.1IMMas Hafizulhelmi2422-FMJones Richard S2373
51.2IMMok Tze-Meng2416-Bennett Alan2154
51.3FMLong Peter2302-CMJones Iolo C2294
51.4Lau Gregory2159-Young Alan2009

This should be a win for Malaysia. I guess Greg will play and Khai Boon will be rested. ( UPDATE: I was told by source that Greg will play) Khai Boon had a tough experience in his first Olympiad. I predict a 3-1 score.

Performance after round 9

Starting rank (seeded) : 86

Rank after round 9 : 102 from 149 team

Match points : 7/18

Win : 3

draw : 1

Lost : 5

Women Section

Below is the update with board pairing

Bo.75CHI Chile (CHI)Rtg-74MAS Malaysia (MAS)Rtg0 : 0
41.1Abarca Gonzalez Damaris1991-Bakri Alia Anin Azwa1904
41.2WFMToro Pradenas Maria Jose1951-WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham1829
41.3Jorquera Cabello Valentina1970-Wahiduddin Nurul Huda2020
41.4Cortes Arias Mariela1772-Fong Mi Yen1905

This will be a close fight. The strength on all board is almost equal . In fact Malaysia is seeded 74 while Chile 75. Score prediction: 2-2

Performance after round 9

Starting rank (seeded) : 74

Rank after round 9 : 74 from 115 teams

Match points : 8/18

Win : 4

draw : 0

Lost : 5

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