Friday, October 01, 2010

Round 10 UPDATE

The Open Section : Malaysia vs Wales . Result : 2-2

Board 1 : IM Mashafizul (2422) vs FM Jones Richard S (2373)

* So far so good for Mas. The material is equal. Both player has exchange the queen but have a slight advantage due to his opponent isolated pawn on d but it is far from winning.

Mas almost win.

Mas win.

Board 2 : Bennett Alan (2154) vs IM Mok Tze Meng (2419)

Mok is playing his famous Mokdern Defense again but this time he played an interesting exchange sacrifice - giving a rook for white's knight and two pawns. In fact the material is equal. Some of u may think he has been trap but actually it is all theory till move 11.

Mok Tze Meng win

Board 3 : FM Peter Long(2302) vs CM Jones Iolo C (2294)

Peter continue his "semi retirement opening policy" - Castle on king side as early as possible, fianchetto the bishop and play on the queenside - which is far from his own king :)

Peter have resign

Board 4 : Alan Young (2009) vs Gregoray Lau (2159)

Greg blunder in time trouble.

Greg resign.

The Women Section : Chile - Malaysia . Result : 2-2

Board 1 : Abarca Gonzalez Damaris (1991) vs Alia Anin Azwa Bakri (1904)

Alia is the only one playing. His position is still unclear. The burden is now on her because she has to win to tied the overall score 2-2.

Abarca Gonzalez Damaris (1991) vs Alia Anin Azwa Bakri (1904)
39th Olympiad, Round 10, Chile - Malaysia, 1.10.2010

White to move

The material is equal but both side has a passed pawn. Black set a strong blockade on d6 against white's d-pawn. Black's b- pawn also have problem to advance.

46.Bc4 Bd6 of course 46...Nxd5? will cause problem after 47.Kf3! (not 47.Rd2 because 47...Ne3+) 47.Rb2 Bxe5 black can also take the h-pawn with 47... Nxh5 48. Rxb6 Nf6 and create a stubborn blockade over white's d-pawn 48. fxe5 Nxd5 49. Kf3 Nc7 50. Rxb6 Re8
51. Rc6 Re7 52. Kf4 52. Ke4 seems better 52... Kf8 53. Rd6 Ne8 54. Rd8 Rb7 55. Bd5Rc7 56. Bb3 Rb7 57. Bd5 Rc7 58. Kf5 Ke7 59. Rb8 Rc1 60. Bb3 Rc3 61. g4 Nc7 62. Rb7 Rf3+?
62... Rc5 is the correct move 63. Ke4 Now black's rook will face serious problem to protect the her knight who is pinned by white's rook 63... Rc3 64. Kd4 Rc1 65. Bc4 Rd1+ 66. Bd3 ?! 66. Kc5! and white will win the f7 pawn after. 66...Kd7 67. Bxf7 66... Kd8 67. Ke4 Ne6 Alia is in severe time trouble with less then a minute left. Thanks to the increment. She can still "breath". 68 Rb5? Re1+ 69. Kf5?? 69. Kf3 Nd4+ 70. Kf2 Nxb5 71. Kxe1 Nd4 white have lost all of his advantage but draw is the likely result.
69... Nd4+ White will lost the exchange. 70. Kf4 Nxb5 71. Bxb5 Ke7 72. Bc4 Rc1 73. Bd5 Rf1+ 74. Ke4 Re1+ 75. Kf4 f6 76. e6 Re5 77. Bc4 Kd6 78. Ba2 Rb5 79. Kf3 f5 80
. Kf4 fxg4 81. Kxg4 Rg5+ 82. Kh4 Ke7 83. Bc4 Kf6 84. Ba2 Rb5 85. Kg4
Rb2 86. Bd5 Rb4+
White resign because he will lost either the e or h pawn for e.g after 89.Bf3 (89.Bc4 Rxh5) 89...Kxe6

Board 2 : WCM Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (1829) vs WFM Toro Pradenas Maria Jose (1951)

Nabila lost.

Board 3 : Jorquera Cabello Valentina (1970) vs Nurul Huda Wahiduddin (2020)

Nurul lost.

Board 4 : Fong Mi Yen (1905) vs Cortes Arias Mariela(1772)

Mi Yen win.

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