Friday, October 22, 2010

"Fishy" draw offer at World Youth !

Ismail Ahmad share an interesting incident happen to one of young player- Jagathess in the 2010 World Youth, Greece.

There's one incident happen to our Under-8 (Open) player - Jagathees Gunabalan. His opponent who is in a losing position,  offered him a draw in a language that is not understood by Jagathees. Thanks god, the team captain -  Ismail has advice all the players to not  agree immediately to any offer by their opponents. Ismail advice them to call the arbiter first which what Jagathess did. In Jaga's case, the arbiter also couldn't understand what the boy intend to offer so they have to call the boy's  father. After his father explained clearly about his son offer, Jagathess declined it and the boy turn down his king to resign!

There are also a father of a chess player from Iran who regularly goes to the toilet to 'help' his son who is still in play. According to Ismail, a lot of  "strategy" were used by others countries but Malaysia have not implement such thing.

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