Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Round 1 Pairing is out!

The pairing has been publish! Here it is :-

Open Section

Bo.85MAS Malaysia (MAS)Rtg-12ENG England (ENG)Rtg0 : 0
12.1IMMas Hafizulhelmi2422-GMAdams Michael2728
12.2IMMok Tze-Meng2416-GMMcShane Luke J2657
12.3Tan Khai Boon2160-GMHowell David W L2616
12.4FMLong Peter2302-GMJones Gawain C B2576

England is resting their ex- Vice World Champion - Nigel Short but their top horse - Mickey Adams will play and faced Mashafizul. From my observation, both have a very same positional style but of course Adams rating is 200+ higher then Mas.

I'once joked that it will be great to watch Peter Long play against Nigel Short but it will not be the case this time because as i mentioned, Nigel will not play in this round.

Women Section

Bo.72MAS Malaysia (MAS)Rtg-15SVK Slovakia (SVK)Rtg0 : 0
14.1Bakri Alia Anin Azwa1904-IMRepkova Eva2447
14.2WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham1829-WGMPokorna Regina2370
14.3Wahiduddin Nurul Huda2020-WGMKochetkova Julia2327
14.4Marmono Roslina1933-WIMMrvova Alena2253

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