Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Karpov - Yeoh Li Tian

GM Anatoly Karpov (left) vs Yeoh Li Tian 

Yeoh Li Tian - GM Anatoly Karpov
Exhibition Blitz Game, 20.7.2010

Black to play

1... Rc8 2. Kg2 Rec7 3. Nf3 Qd8 4. h5 Ka7 5. Rh1 Qf8 6. Ree1 b5 Li Tian manage to  held Karpov so far but with less then a minute, he made a crucial mistake.   7. Qe2? After the game, Karpov suggest 7. a3 to stop black from playing b4 and according to him, the position is equal 7... b4! 8.cxb4? a blunder in a time trouble. 8... Rc2 Now it's game over 9. Nd2 Bxb4 10. Rd1 Rxb2  0-1 Black will play Rcc2 next and win a piece.

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