Thursday, July 01, 2010

July 2010 FIDE Rating Release!

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The Malaysian top 10th place for the July 2010 FIDE rating list which was release today was more or less occupied by the same players from the previous list. Only Law Zhe Kang who make a welcome return into serious tournament play, reactivate his previously inactive rating and occupied the 10th place with 2215.

IM Mashafizul (2422) remain as Malaysian no.1 and  same goes to IM Mok Tze Meng (2416)  who remain on no. 2.  The 3rd - 9th place was occupied by the same player and basically they gain or lost a small number of points. IM Jimmy Liew slip to the "2200+ club" after losing only 2 points. His previous rating is FIDE 2301.

From my brief check, our young hot shot - Yeoh Li Tian is the top gainer. He add 94 rating points and now on 24th place with FIDE 2112. This young kid is fast climbing the ladder and i think it is a matter of time before he will be knocking the  top ten door.

The biggest lost was record by  Ismail Ahmad who lost a hefty 48 points. He also  slip into the "below 2000 club" with FIDE 1996 . In my opinion,  his current rating didn't show his  real strength. Lately Ismail have to spend extra days and  hours  to perform his duty  as a police officer  mainly to reduce the crime rate in our country. Recently, he has many times worked more then 24 hours straight on the street to fight and reduce crime.  The NKRA crime reduce statistic shows that the crime rate  has drop significantly early this year  and i know Ismail did contribute on it but unfortunately... it cost Ismail 48 FIDE rating points. I belief Ismail will be back on track soon.

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