Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Asian Juniors Round 1 - Najiha Win, Evan and Nabila lost...

Three young Malaysian - NM Evan Timothy Capel and siblings - NCM Nur Nabila Azman and WFM Nur Najiha Azman complete their first round game today at the 2010 Asian Juniors Chess Championship  in Chennai, India with mix result. Evan who play in the boys section lost to Indian IM - P. Karthikeyen (2411). WFM Nur Najiha turn out to be  the sole winner among the Malaysian  after she beat Filipino - Christy Lamiel Bernales (2043). Her sister - WCM Nur Nabila lost to WFM R. Bharathi (2110)

IM P.Karthikeyen (2411) - Evan Timothy Cape (2026)
Asian Juniors, Round 1, 15.6.2010

Evan is a pawn down and his opponent has a strong passed pawn on a file. Black best chance to survive is to put his rook behind white passed pawn as quick as possible. Evan however choose to hesited this plan with...

48... Rb2? Evan should have play  48...Rb1 immedietly and after 49. a6 he can continue with  49...Ra1- putting his rook behind white passed a-pawn with and white will have to crack his head a little bit to push his a-pawn further for e.g 50. Re8 Ra3 51. Rd8+ Kc5 52. Rc8+ Kb6  49. a6 Rd2+Unfortunately black can't play 49...Ra2 because white bishop on c4 50. Ke4 Rd1 51. a7 Re1+  51... Ra1 52. Re6+ Kc5 53.ba6 winning  52. Kf3 Ra1 53. Re6+ Kc7  54. Ra6 Probably Evan missed this move. Now it's all over for black 54...Kb7 55. a8=Q+ 1-0 Black resign.

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