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Syed Azizi Win Kelantan Closed 2010 !

Syed Azizi Abd Rahman made an upset by beating all seeded players to emerged as the champion of the 2010 Kelantan Closed. He was unbeaten and infact, made a perfect score by winning all his games to finish with 6/6! Among his victim is KL  based player - Nik Ahmad Farouqi.

The Kelantan Closed was held from 14th-15th May 2010 at the Dewan Putera, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Putera, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. This tournament is organised to select  Kelantan representatives for the 2010 National Closed which will be held in June.

Full Results

Ranking crosstable after Round 6

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1SYED AZIZI ABD RAHMAN0MAS10w114s15s12w18s14w16,022,014,522,00
2NIK AHMAD FAROUQI NIK1867MAS13s14w13s11s06w18w15,024,015,018,00
3NASRUL HUMAIMI MAHMOOD1561MAS21w16s12w015s+4s013w14,021,514,512,50
4BAHARUDDIN HAMZAH1497MAS20w12s022w112s13w11s04,021,013,510,00
5MUHD BAKRI JUSOH1636MAS17w116s11w08w011s112s14,020,512,011,00
6ROSMIZAL IBRAHIM0MAS19s13w014s118w12s010s14,018,011,09,50
7MUHD ARIEZ AZMAN1649MAS18s011w023s117w119s19w14,014,09,59,00
8MOHD AZIZUL MAT DAUD1681MAS22w19s115w½5s11w02s03,524,516,511,50
9NORAZLIN JUARIH1491MAS24s18w011s½16w110w17s03,516,512,07,50
10ALIF OMAR MOHD SAUFI1417MAS1s021w117s111w19s06w03,021,013,07,50
11WAN MUHD AMIRUL WAN YUSUF1229MAS14w½7s19w½10s05w019w13,019,013,09,00
12MOHD HAFIDZ MAT DAUD0MAS16s013w119s14w018s15w03,017,511,57,00
13SITI NUR AFIQAH MOHD HASLAM-G1341MAS2w012s020w121s114w13s03,017,511,06,00
14WAN TARMIZI WAN SULAIMAN1588MAS11s½1w06w020s113s018w12,519,512,05,00
15GHAZALI CHE COB1557MAS23s118w18s½3w--0-02,518,513,54,75
16MUHD MUHAIMIN MUHD TARIZI1442MAS12w15w018s09s021w117w½2,517,011,06,25
17MUHD FAIZ ZAKARIA1240MAS5s024w110w07s022w116s½2,516,011,53,75
18WAN MUHD ADLI WAN MUHD YUSUF1328MAS7w115s016w16s012w014s02,020,013,56,50
19NAJIHAH MOHD SAUFI1379MAS6w020s112w022s17w011s02,017,512,03,50
20MOHD FADHIL MOHD SAUFI1062MAS4s019w013s014w023s1-12,014,09,02,50
21NIK MUHD HAZIQ NAJMUDDIN1185MAS3s010s024w113w016s023w12,013,59,51,50
22IHAB FITRI ZIAD1335MAS8s023w14s019w017s024w12,013,59,01,50
23AHMAD AMAR AIMAN ZULKIFLI1101MAS15w022s07w024s120w021s01,014,09,50,50
24MOHAMMAD SYAHIR AHMAD ROZIHA0MAS9w017s021s023w0-122s01,011,57,50,50

Details results here


KL based- Nik Ahmad Farouqi (left) beaten by the eventual champ - Syed Azizi in round 4

Azizul Mat Daud (left)  lost to Nik in round 6

Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood (left) lost to  Baharuddin Hamzah in round 5

Nurazlin Juarih (left) lost to Mohd Ariez Azman in round 6

Watch out this name - Syed Azizi Abdul Rahman - Champion of 2010 Kelantan Closed! Nurazlin write an interesting info about Syed. You can read it at his blog here.

The group photos

Kelantan representatives for the 2010 National Closed is as below:-

  1. Syed Azizi Abdul Rahman
  2. Nik Ahmad Farouqi Nik Abdul Aziz
  3. Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood
  1. Siti Nur Afiqah Mohd Haslam
  2. Najihah Mohd Saufi
Team Captain: Nurazlin Juarih 

Photos from Nasrul Humaimi Facebook

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