Saturday, May 29, 2010

Malaysian participants in the 11th ASEAN Age Group

Andrew Ooi publish a post in his blog about the Malaysian contingent who is heading to Subic, Philippinnes to compete in the 11th ASEAN Age Group which will be held from 4th June - 13th June 2010. The Malaysian contingent air ticket is sponsored by Air Asia. ( according to Raymond Siew , The Air Asia sponsorship is to First GM to conduct training for Asean Age Group) - Below is the list of Malaysian contingent  from the National Chess Federation of the Philippines website.

Malaysian Contigent


Under 20

1.NM Edward Lee Kim Han
2. NJM Muhd Tariq Amru
3. Siew, Kit-Tze Mark

Under 14

1.Lim Winsen

Under 8
1.Amier Hamzah B. Mohd Zuhri


Under 10

1.Nur Faqihah binti Aminuddin

Under 8

1. Zainoor Ikmal Maisarah Bt Mohd Noor

All the best to them and thanks to Air Asia for sponsoring the tickets. Malaysia Boleh!


Raymond Siew said...

Hope you dont mind me putting in a correction. The Air Asia sponsorshp is to First GM to conduct training for Asean Age Group.

Raymond Siew said...

Dear Hairulov,

I feel you should be more responsible in your posting as this site carries the news from MCF. Also as a committee member of MCF you should check officially before saying things like according to Raymond Siew. Due recognition should be given to the sponsor for the training. You should leave your personal opinions out of your reporting.

Raymond Siew said...

Dear Hairulov

I hope you can correct your post. Let me explain further. The fact that Air Asia is sponsoring the training via First GM is already established at the MCF meeting with parents held at Datcc. So by saying this you are also forgetting Puan Adzlin who facilitated our proposal to Air Asia. In short by saying according to Raymond Siew, you are questioning the integrity of Haji, Haslinda, Greg, Puan Adzlin and me. You are also saying that Air Asia does not know what they are doing. And this looks bad on a semi official site.