Thursday, May 20, 2010

GM Ziaur Rahman - NM Kamal Ariffin

As you all have already know, last night my team - Nusa Mahkota was steamrolled 4-0 by Think Big . Before the game, there are a few friends suggest to us to  'sacrifiece' the first board and concentrate on the lower boards where Think Big is relatively not quite strong. The idea is to get points in lower boards.

However, i choose to differ and as the team captain, i decide to choose our strongest player - NM Kamal Ariffin against Think Big first board -  GM Ziaur Rahman.  I remember one  International Master- - Emory Tate  from US who was well known as a GM beater, he once said a  famous quote - " to beat a GM, you must bite the bullet" and that is the reason why i give  Kamal a chance to faced the GM. Unfortunately however... Kamal probably bite too much bullets against GM Ziaur :)

GM Ziaur Rahman (2555) vs NM Kamal Ariffin (2122)
3rd DATCC Team Event, Round 8, 20.5.2010

Analysed by Centaur (Hairulov + Fritz)

1.d4 d5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. c4 e6 4. g3 dxc4 5. Bg2 Bb4+ 6. Bd2 a5 7. Qc2

7... c6 ?! i think this move is the main mistake because black position look passive after it and his pieces seems uncoordinated. During the post game analysis , i suggest to Kamal and Saprin Sabri the move 7... Nc6 and after 8.Qxc4 Qd5 we found that Black will have a much better and easier game . I was glad to found that Fritz opening book also suggest the same continuation and the line continue with 9. Qd3 O-O 10. Nc3 Qh5 11. a3 Bxc3 12. Bxc3 b6 13. O-O Ba6 14. Qc2 Ne7 15. Rfe1 c5 etc. 8. Qxc4 b5 9. Qc2 O-O 10. O-O Bb7 11. Bg5 Be7 12. Nbd2!? Black knight aiming the c5 square.12...Na6 13. Nb3 Nb4 14. Qc1 Rc8 14... h6 15. Bxf6 Bxf6 16. Nc5  15. Nc5White knight nicely occupied the c5 square and prevent Black's from playing the freeing move ....c5  15...Ba8 16. a3 Nbd5 
GM Ziaur Rahman (left) before playing 17.Ne5 against NM Kamal Ariffin

17. Ne5 The other knight join the fun. White had a strong outpost on c5 and e5.

17...a4 18.Rd1 Re8 19. h4 h6 20. Bd2 Bf8 21. e4 Ne7 21... Nb6 22. Ba5! with an annoying pin. 22. Bb4 Qc7 23. Bh3 Rcd8? Actually, Black have not many  useful move.23... Kh7 was suggested by Fritz but i think even the computer could not save the position against strong opponent like GM Ziaur Rahman.

24. Nxf7! doomsday 24...Kxf7 25. Bxe6+ Kg6 26. e5 Kh7 Nothing can stop white, for e.,g :-

26... Nfg8 27. Qc2+ Kh5 28. Qe2+ Kg6 29. Qe4+ Nf5 30. Qxf5# checkmate

26... Nf5 27. Bxf5+ Kxf5 28. Qc2+ Kg4 29. Kg2 Qf7 30. Qe2+ Kf5 31. Qd3+ Kg4 32. Qf3# checkmate

27. exf6 White regain his piece with an overwhelming position. 27...Nd5 28. f7 Re7 29. Qc2+ For player who prefer to be greedy, here's an option 29. Na6 Qa7 30. Bxe7 29... Kh8 30. Qg6 Rd6 31. Re1 Nxb4 32. axb4 Bb7 33. Re5 Black resign. Some may think it's still early to resign but probably Kamal have look that after for e.g Bc8 34. Rh5 Rxf7 35. Qxf7 Qxf7 36. position  is hopeless 1-0

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