Monday, May 24, 2010

Chess Puzzle (18) Solution !

Answer for chess puzzle 18

ICC, blitz 5

White to move

1.Bf8 okay computer may prefer 1.Bd5 but i think in practical term 1.Bf8 is best ( against human of course!) because black then had to find all the best move to prevent being mate immediately. For e.g after 1.Bf8 the most stubborn defense is 1...g5 to prevent checkmate with 2.Qh6++. However let's have a look if black play other move

a) 1...Rg7?? of course lost to  2.Qh6+ Rh7 3.Qxh7++ checkmate and;

b) 1...Qxf6?? lost 2.Qxh6++ checkmate

c) 1...Rgxf8?? lost to 2.Qxh6++ checkmate also

So lets go back to the main line  1...g5, white's queen access to the h6 square have been shut down for a while and black's is threatening to capture white's bishop on f8. Black's also threaten to take on e5. So white's must maintain the mating threat with 2.Qe2 threatening 3.Qh5 and checkmate will follow.2...g4  Now, black once against shut white's queen access to the mating square on h5. 3.Qd2 white's queen return to his previous square and as before, threatening mate on h6. Another idea behind this move is pawn can't go backward , so black's g-pawn cannot return to g6 anymore. So black have to find other move. 3...Rg6 this move is available thanks to black moving his g6 pawn a couple of move before. 4.Re1 and 4.hxg6 both win and i think i should stop here because white is totally winning in both variation. However 4.Re1 is a little bit tricky because black can play 4...Qxf6 but after 5.Be7! three of his major pieces is En Prise and the end is near.

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