Sunday, May 16, 2010

3rd DATCC Team League - Round 7 Photos

Below is the round 7 photos of the 3rd DATCC Team event  held last Wednesday (12sth May 2010). Click here for round 7 results.

Round 7 Photos

In round 7, Team AU feaututre a new player - Stevan Retallic who played on board 4. He turn up late (about 30 minute) and found that his game will be display on the screen using the DGT board. Stevan reply when Jax Tham mentioned about it is - "Great"

The 4th board game between Stevan Retallic (Team AU) vs Tariq Amru  (Excel) was shown to the screen using the DGT board. The game ended in a draw.

Excell vs Team AU(right)

Seahorse vs KAM MAH (right)

Tan & Tan vs Think Big (Right)

Nusa Mahkota in action against Pricewaterhouse. Above  photo was taken from Ng6 blog. How come i missed to take my own team photos?

Gung Ho vs 17 Chess Club(right)

First Saturday vs Ad-Hoc (right)

DATCC vs CS Solution Ladies Team (right)

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia vs Blackpearl (right)

Penang strong player - Chuah Heng Meng (standing right) visit the centre to watch the round 7 games

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