Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nf6 Invitational Tournament- 20 Questionable Facts (rumours?)

Nf6 is handing the prize to Kamaluddin as a champion of 'Unrated' version of Nf6 Invitatonal tournament some time back..

The organiser have received few calls/ feedback about about Nf6 tournament. Some was even ask whether the result were fixed. Since there are a quite a number who interested to know about this tournament, here they are:

1 Saprin(Nf6) is the 'spiritual leader' of the tournament. He is equivalent to Nik Aziz to PAS or DSAI to Pakatan Rakyat.

Players do not necessarily have to play Nf6 move but they must play against Nf6!

Hairulov blog is the official blog for the tournament. Making his way by placing a highest bid but thanks anyway to other blogs such as DATCC and Firey Rook for the coverage

Uncle Aziz step in as organizer after Hairulov turn down a request for him to be the one..The current result is a disaster!!..

2 Kamals are leading the tournament after Round 7 (Kamal Ariffin and Kamaluddin). Both secure 7 and 4.5 points respectively and fighting fiercely for the prestigious first NF6 Master tittle

The most dangerous player is Razali Hamzah (Ng6) because of his underrated FIDE rating but play like a FIDE 2000++. Some were even suggesting that organizer to check his urine before start of each round.

Najib is the last player invited to the tournament. He was called to replace a withdrawn player just 2 hours before his first round started and was given no chance to say no.

Samsol Bahrin is very eager to play in the tournament. He came at 5.00 pm for Round 2. That is 2 hours before the game started!

Yeoh Li Tian is invited to play because he is the most promising junior right now while Yeoh Chin Seng is invited because somebody need to drive Li Tian back..

Can't get Roslina Marmono to play for the tourney. The organizer decided to replace her with Abdul Haq but we don't force him to wear 'Kurung'..

The tournament is not end yet, but the organizer have already received request to play for the next edition!

The result were not fixed in favor of Kamal Arifin. Can't comment much because the tornament is still in progress but rumours say he train 5 hours a day with GM for this tournament

Ng6 is like a booby trap. Unlucky for the one who set it become the virst victim. Samsol Bahrin become the second victim. Let see who is the next..

Kamaluddin is the most bold (bald) player in the tournament. Heard comment that he plays like Grischuk in game against Haq

While others fight for first place, Uncle Aziz play to avoid last place…

Uncle Aziz have a winning game against Li tian in Round 5 but somehow fumble and made 5 blunders and lost the invaluable point. Nevertheless, it takes 5 blunders before Li Tian can beat me (sound more positive huh..)

No wild card player in the tournament. Even Najib is chosen because of he is the most strong organizer..

Thanks god no sabotage from other tournament. If there is a sabotage, it will come from organizer himself because of bad result..

Rarely games from Nf6 Master tournament will be published because they are highly complicated and we don’t want to confuse reader. (Actually I don't know how to do it yet, but will learn later ok…)

Normally Hairulov is so fast to publish the result, but result for Round 7 left unpublished thus leave myself no option but to ban him from this blog..

Unc. Aziz

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