Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let The game Begin - 1 day + Two hours late :)

After the force majure saga affected the regaining World Chess Champion - Vishy Anand trips to defend his title in Sofia, FIDE has announced  that  the 1st game of the match will be postponed by 1 (one) day to start on Saturday, 24th April 2010. This is because Anand who eventually arrived to Sofia before the opening ceremonies after a merry go straight journey,  has resulted in an unfair position for World Champion Vishy Anand as he has not taken full benefit of the seven-days period (article 8.2 of our 2010 World Chess Championship Agreement) in order for him to acclimatize to the conditions and ensure that all his team will be organised to support him logistically and technically in the match.

A few days later , the host country has announced that the first game will be start two hours after the scheduled time because of  the previous arrangements that the Prime Minister and Head of the Organizing Committee Boiko Borisov has in Varna, a city at the other end of the country, on the north-east seaside.

 I think the match has already create a colourful start off the board so i  hope the players will produced the same over the board!

Naaaananana....if you can postpone, i can postpone too you know!

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