Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First draw and first `no handshake`for the match !

Topalov and Anand draw their third game  last night. The game had an interesting finish. Both players reach a dead drawn endgame and a threefold repetition occur. Because that Topalov has agreed to play under the Sofia Rule, he didn`t offer a draw to his opponent - Anand  but some spectator said he consult the arbiter about the drawn position. Anand probably playing a psychological move, also didn`t want to offer anything and keep playing. However the arbiter decide it was a drawn game finally and the players end the game without handshake. At the press conference, the players said they both forget to shake hand after the game ?!  Remember Short-Cheparinov no handshake incident!

You can read the no handshake incident at

Below is the 3rd game.

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abdooss said...

Kalau mula game tak salam, itu yang boleh forfeit kira kalah. Ini masa habis game tak salam. Game short tu pasal masa mula lawan dia tak nak salam.

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