Friday, April 09, 2010

Coverage on the 2010 KL Open 2010

Other then the 2010 KL Open  official site , there`s plenty of other sites and blogs which  cover the tournaments . Below is some of it.

KL Open 2010`s blog ( latest photo, live news, games) 

Europe Echecs (video coverages  by Vijay Kumar!) ( latest pairing, results and players info)

Yat Guo Jie`s blog  ( latest photo, results, pairing,  news, games) 

Andrew Ooi Gilachess  blog ( latest photo, results, pairing,  news, games ) 

Shamsuddin Firey Rook`s blog ( latest photo, live news, games) 

Razali Ng6`s blog  (lots of photos!)

Potretcatur blog ( Indonesian- Kristianus Liem blog in Bahasa Indonesia)

IM Aleksander Wohl`s blog ( Aussie IM`s blog who participate in this tournament) ( yours truly blog with selected game analysis) 

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