Monday, April 26, 2010

Abdul Aziz Shukor - Yeoh Li Tian

Three months ago - Abdul Aziz Shukor create a sensation by winning the DATCC Weekender ahead of strong players like Abdullah Che Hassan, Justin Ong, Kamaluddin Yusof, Soon Wai Cheong and others. However  in the ongoing Nf6 Invitationl tournament, he suffered a ` tournament to forget syndrome`.  After 7 round, he has yet to collect a single points.

His bad performance is caused by the tedious organizing work for this tournament which  affect his performance badly. He also had to postpone some of his games to settle his younger brother wedding in Indonesia and recently his mother   had to be admitted to the hospital due to health condition.

In round 5, Aziz had a clear winning position against wonderkid - Yeoh Li Tian , but he somehow commit a series of blunders  in time trouble  and had to resign in the end.

Abdul Aziz Shukor (2012) - Yeoh Li Tian (1971)
Nf6 Invitational, Round 5, 25.3.2010

Analysed by Centaur (Hairulov + Fritz)

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nf3 Nf6 4. Nc3 a6 5. a4 According to FM Graham Burgess in his book The Slav (Gambit Publication), this move (5.a4) can be viewed as either a clumsy or an appropriate response to...a6. Whose pawn move will prove more useful or weakening? 4...Bf5 5... e6  is the main line. 6. cxd5 More accurate is probably 6. Qb3 for e.g 6... Ra7 7. g3 . White can also play a Catalan setup with 6. g3   6... cxd5 7. Qb3 7... Ra7 This is a  standard move of defending the b7 pawn in the Chebanenko Slav. Later, black can move this rook to d7 or c7 after playing b5. Black can however set a cute trap with 7... Nc6 8. Qxb7?? Na5! And the queen is trap. 8. Bf4 Nc6 Because of white 6th move, black can put his knight on this square which are more active compare to d7.  9. e3 e6 10. Be2 Be7 11. O-O O-O 12. Rfc1!? Aziz decide to focus on the queen side. 12...Na5 13. Qa2 I think 13.Qd1 will give more option for white`s queen later. 13...Qb6 ??

This is a serious blunder  which missed by  us  14. Nd2?  Fritz gave the stunning 14. Nb5 !! and black will lost after 14...axb5 (14... Raa8 15. Bc7) 15. Bc7 Qa6 16. axb5 winning  14... Raa8 Because of the standard manuever b5 is no longer avaible in the near future, black decide to activate his rook via the back rank. 15. h3 h6 16. g4 !? Aziz surprisingly play for the offensive in the king side. White can play a la Karpov manuver with 16. Bd1 Rac8 $15 17. Bc2  Exchanging black`s active bishop. 16... Bh7 17. h4 Consistent.17... Nd7 18. g5 hxg5 19. hxg5 Qd8?? Li Tian somehow missed Aziz strong reply....

20. Nxd5! exd5 21. Bc7 Li Tian miss this . Now he is a pawn down.21... Qe8 22. Bxa5 b6 Aziz told me that his praised this move because it reduce his pieces activities because after 23.Bc3 the bishop block his rook on c-file however the tin monster (Fritz)  gave 22... Bxg5 as a better try for black for e.g 23. Qxd5 Bxe3!? 24. fxe3 Qxe3+ and white have to be on the defensive. 23. Bc3 Bxg5 24. Qxd5 Qe7 25. Qf3 25. Nc4!? guarding the e3 square looks interesting. 25... Rad8?! Black give a free pawn. Better is 25... Nf6  26. Bxa6 White simply win a pawn  26...Nf6 27. Bb7 Qe6? 28. a5 Stronger is 28. Bb4! Rfe8 29. Rc6  And the b6 pawn will drop soon  29...Qg4+ 30. Qxg4 Nxg4 28... Nd5? 29. Re1?! 29. a6! and black will have serious problem to  handle the passed pawn. 29... Nxc3 30. bxc3 bxa5 31. Rxa5 Qh6 32. Qg2 Be7 33. Ne4 Rb8 34. Ng3? White should mantain his big advantage with 34. Bd5 34... Qb6 white queen fork both white`s rook and bishop  35. Rh5 Bg6! This in between move is better then the careless. Worse is  35... Rxb7? 36. Qh1 Bg5 37. Rxg5 winning  (37. Rxh7?! Bh6 38. Rxh6 gxh6 with better prospect for white)  or  35... Qxb7? may look interesting but has some grave disadvantages for e.g 36. Qh3 Bg5 37. Rxg5 winning  36. Be4 Bxh5 37. Nxh5 Qh6 38. Ng3 White has lost much of his advatage but the two connected passed pawn (c & d) is still his major asset. 38...Bf6 39. c4 Rb2 40. c5 Rb3 41. Nf5 Qh5 42. Ng3 42. c6! just pushing the pawn is probably stronger  42... Qh6 43. Qh2 Qxh2+ 44. Kxh2 g6 45. Bd5 Rc3?? An oversight by Li Tian. 46. Ne4 white is clearly winning   46...Bxd4 47. exd4 Rc2 48. Kg3 Kg7 

49. Rd1 49. Nd6 ! followed by Re7 and then push the c-pawn was the easiest way to win. 49... Rd8 50. Nd6 f5 51. Bf3 Rd7 52. Bc6??A blunder caused by time trouble. 52. Nb7 Re7 53. c6 f4+ 54. Kg4 Rxf2 55. Rc1 winning  52... Rxd6 Now black have survive  53. Ba4? 53. cxd6 and the game is equal after 53...Rxc6 54. d5 Rxd6 55. f4  53... Rc3+   54. Kg2 Rd8 55. Bb5??  According to Aziz he committed a series of blunders during the time trouble  55. d5 is the best try.

 55... Rxc5 Black is winning  56. dxc5 56. Be2 Rcd5  56... Rxd1 57. c6 Rc1  And white is lost. The c-pawn can`t progress. 58. Kg3 Kf6 59. Kf3 Ke5 60. Ke3 Rc5 61. Ba4 Kd6 62. Kf4?? Rc4+ And white will lose the bishop and the game. 0-1

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