Thursday, April 29, 2010

3rd DATCC Team League - Round 5 Review

The 5th round of the 3rd DATCC Team Event was held last night  at the Dato Arthur Tan Chess Centre, Kompleks Wilayah , Kuala Lumpur . 

"The Clash of the Titans"

Team AU  vs KAM MAH : 2-2

The  highlight of the round is the match between two strong teams - AU vs KAMMAH. AU was strengthen by the first time appearance of their top player - FM Ooi Chern Ee. Ooi who seems to have a better position in the middle game (with extra pawn) somehow misplayed the position and let the always  resourceful -Nicholas to escape with  a repetition.

AU also welcomed their new title player - Candidate Master (CM) Mohd Fadli Zakaria who was recently awarded with the CM title. However , IM Jimmy Liew 'spoiled the party' by beating Fadli in a positional manoeuvre game.

On board 3, the meeting between two foreign player - Ian Udani (Philipines) and Amitpal Singh (India) saw the Filipino cash the full point.

On board 4, Abdullah Che Hassan sacrifice a piece for three pawn at early stage of the game. The sac looks  not quite sufficient for a winning advantage. Unfortunately for AU, Eng Chiam  failed to find the correct plan to utilize his extra piece advantage and in the end, Dollah manage to  build a strong fortress ( queen+ pawn vs rook+ 5 pawns)  to force a  drawn endgame.

Fairplay acts!
Nusa Mahkota Chess Club vs Excell Chess Team : 1.5-2.5

Watch Lim Zhou Ren (right) clock which shows  26 minutes left before his play his first move! (click the image for larger view)

My team -  Nusa Mahkota Chess Club was desperate to improve our standing but once again we failed to secure a match points - thanks to the match points system :(. Nusa's have lost three times in a row and two of it with a closed margin ( 1.5-2.5) against Excel and KAM MAH.

Lim Zhou Ren who is playing on board 1 for Excel team turned up late and  passed the 1 hour waiting  rule. However, Kamal and i decide that we should gain the point with honour and Kamal proceed to  play although Zhou Ren has less then 30 minutes before playing his first move. In the end, Kamal won the game after Zhou Ren missed a tactic.

On board two - Rizal who is not feeling well ( i had to buy panadol active fast for him ) lost to Kaushal Khandahar Sicilian a`la Zvjaginsev - 1.e4 c5 2.Na3 !?!.

On board three - Hashim who turn up late for the game, manage to make his  first move with 31 minutes left! Ken Wei  mentioned that he didn't plan to claim the 1 hour waiting rules if Hashim overstep the time limit. I was really pleased with this young boy attitude. This shows his fair-play spirit.

However the time deficit proved too much for  Hashim to handle and  he  lost on time against  Ken Wei's  Sicilian Dragon. Probably Ken Wei is a fan of the new movie How to train your dragon which i`ve just watch recently at Sunway Pyramid  TGV.

National Junior Master (NJM) - Tariq Amru choose to avoid Khair opening preparation and play 1.e4 d5 2.Nc3. However Khair quickly got a superior position but somehow  miss some move which could give him the winning advantage. After  a series of heavy piece been exchange, the game goes into a drawish position.

`Demolition Job`
Ad-Hoc - Gung Ho : 0-4

After Gung Ho secured three points from board 2,3 and 4, Yeap Joo Hock is the only man standing for Ad-Hoc. However, Gung Ho top board -  Law Zhe Kang did-not show any mercy and beat Yeap to complete the 4-0 demolition job.

`We missed the big one - so much...`
Think-Big vs Sea Horse : 2-2 (correction 2.5-1.5)

Think Big (left)  vs Seahorse (right)

Seahorse was blessed by the abseentes of Think Big "biggest thinker" - GM Ziaur Rahman. The local resident GM play in the Asian Continental at Subic, Philipinnes. Yeoh Li Tian was held by Farhan in a different colour bishop endings . NWM Tan Li Ting lost to Razief. Meanwhile, Yeoh's senior - NM Yeoh Chin Sing beat Afizan and on board 4 - Mohd Faizal Zakaria beat Way Yoke.

“An auditor is someone who arrives after the battle and bayonets all the wounded”
Pricewaterhouse vs CS Solution Ladies Team : 4-0

The "auditors" show that they really mean business against the  ladies team. They left nothing to the ladies , not even... a single rose. Four full points for Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

"Clash of generation" 
The First Saturday Chess Team vs Tan & Tan Chess Team : 2-2

There are at least , three  generation gaps  between both  teams. The 2-2 results shows that  the veterans still can teach the kids some useful lesson.

Black Pearl- DATCC : 3-1

Najib Wahab safe the host pride by securing the only point for DATCC team . Black Pearl should be glad that DATCC didn't  double charge  their car parking ticket for not giving a single points to the host :)

The Incredible Haq lead the way!
UKM - 17 Chess Club : 2-2

The board one battle saw The Incredible -  Haq beat the dangerous Ilhamuddin. Haq continue his excellent form at the recently concluded 2010 UKM Master. Against Ilham, Haq produced a nice in between move combination in the early stageof the game which caused his opponent  a lot of time. The best black can  do is to enter a worse ending a pawn down. In the end , Ilham had to called it a day.

Haq teammates however could only add a point  to make the total score 2-2.

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