Monday, March 08, 2010

Putrajaya Chess Fever!

A social chess gathering  will be held on 9th March,2010 (Tuesday)  starting from 6 PM at  Seri Teja Food Court ( in front Pusat Kejiranan Precint 9, Putrajaya) . This informal gathering  is plan to be a weekly gathering (every Tuesday) for chess lovers  especially from Putrajaya chess community to have a consistent  playing session.

By the way,  chess lovers from other places are invited also to attend  and "test power" against local community. Kindly bring chess set and chess clock....and don`t forget to buy some drink/food....just to make sure the food stall owner happy :)


GiLoCatur said...

Salam Hairulov,

Saya tolong promote chess session ni kat facebook, tak apa kan? OK kan? Dan satu lagi saya pinjam gambar dlm entry ni dalam facebook tersebut. Boleh kan? Kalau tak boleh kasik tahu, nanti saya take out.


hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Boleh, terima kasih kerana promote.