Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nf6 Invitational Master - Tournament Schedule

(Picture- Nf6 is about to make another tremendous move against his opponent..)

The dates for each round are as follows:

Round 1 - Thu 25 Feb 2010
Round 2 - Thu 4 March 2010
Round 3 - Thu 11 March 2010
Round 4 - Thu 18 March 2010
Round 5 - Thu 25 march 2010
Round 6 - Thu 1 April 2010
-------Rest week so that players are able to participate in KL Open-------
Round 7 - Thu 15 April 2010
Round 8 - Thu 22 April 2010
-------Rest week for Selangor open-----------------------------------------------------
Round 9 (Final) - Thu 6 May 2010

There is an interesting articles on DATCC Blog on prediction of Round 4 result of Nf6 tournament. Here is my version of the prediction..


Yusof Kamaluddin 2166 vs Mohamed Abdul Haq 2057 0.5 - 0.5

Interesting match. Haq is in winning form spurs by his newly acquired FIDE rating while a more experienced Kamaluddin is also in good form.

Wahiduddin Kamalarifin 2119 vs Abdul Shukor Abdul Aziz 2050 0-1

On paper Kamalarifin will have an upper hand but Aziz Shukor will play his best to amend previous losses. Will he able to do it? Wel, its a tough call considering his treat to ban those who defeat him in next tournament edition fall into deaf ears..

Yeoh Li Tian 1971 vs Hamzah Razali 1675 1-0

Yeoh Li tian would not get an easy game against most dangerous player Razali Ng6 Hamzah. He is dangerous not just for his playing skills but more on his 'underrated' Fide Rating. As for Razali, he has a winning chance if he can convert his 'almost' to 'really' win situation..

Rahman Shamsol Baharin Patahol vs Sabri Mohd Saprin 2141 0.5-0.5

Looks like high rated Nf6 won't have problem to dispose Shamsol but in reality it is not. Both know well each other playing style and strength/weakness. In fact they are a sparring partner. Shamsol good record against Kamaluddin and Chin Seng earlier (both drawn) will boost his morale to maintain unbeaten record so far..

Yeoh Chin-Seng 2177 vs Abdul Wahab Najib 1-0

Chin Seng will play his best to bounce from previous losses against Kamaluddin. While Najib can give a good fight, nothing much he can do to stop the 'injured tiger' from scoring a full point..

Uncle Aziz

Note: Players name was copied directly from pairing system which setup in such a way (fathers name in front). While writer choose to remain that way, all feedbacks are being recognised and appreciated)

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