Friday, March 26, 2010

3rd DATCC Team League - Round 2 Pairing

The 2nd round of the 3rd DATCC Team League  will be held on 31st March 2010 (Wednesday) at the Dato Arthur Tan Chess Center, Wilayah Kompleks , Kuala Lumpur. The game will start on 7.00 PM. Below is the pairing:-

Round 2 Pairing

1.KAM MAH vs Pricewaterhouse cooper

2. Excel Chess Team vs Think Big

3. Team AU vs Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

4. Sea Horse vs Nusa Mahkota Chess Club

5. 17 Chess Club vs DATCC Chess Team

6. Black Pearl vs First Saturday Chess Team

7. Ad-Hoc vs CS Solutions Ladies Team

8. Gung Ho vs Tan & Tan Chess Team

source: Abdul Najib Wahab

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