Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ian Udani vs Kok Wei Tzi 1-0 - Round 5 MMU Open 2010

 Thanks to Shamsuddin Sabri (Firey Rook) who post on his blog the photo of the position arise from the 5th round game between Ian Udani and Kok Wei Tzi in round 5, MMU Open 2010.

Ian Udani vs Kok Wei Tzi
MMU Open, Round 5, 7.2.2010

Black to move

It`s clear that black will lost . I predict the possible continuation is ...

1... Kxe6 2. Qh6+ Kd7 3. Qxg5 Nc6 4. Qxh5 black pawns drop one by one 1-0

Source- Firey Rook`s blog

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